Sin-Bearer Exhausted

Later, knowing that all was now completed, and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.John 19:28
In the light of what we remember on this day, perhaps these three words of Jesus, uttered on the Cross at the end of the three hours of darkness, appear very mundane at first sight. That is why these are ‘meditations’ – we need to meditate, reflect and ponder on them.
If we accept the suggestions of yesterday’s meditation, then we have just come to the end of three hours when the Son of God had been carrying the sin of the world and resisting the powers of darkness.   We say resisting because if we are right in interpreting the prophetic aspect of Psa 22:12,13 as the powers of darkness raging at Christ on the Cross, then Satan’s objective would have been to break Jesus and make him curse.   Job had to resist that temptation when his wife told him, “Curse God and die!”    The spotless Lamb of God had to remain spotless – despite the fact of taking the world’s Sin upon himself.  
He had to remain the sinless Son of God and so we refer to the battle on the Cross – the challenge of Satan to try to get Jesus to break down and express himself as less than the man who was full of grace and truth (Jn 1:14). What we are suggesting therefore is that for three hours in darkness, the greatest battle was being fought for the world’s future.   On the Cross, Christ was fighting to preserve his right to be the sinless Lamb of God who alone could take our sin.   By the end of that time he would be exhausted – and that apart from the awfulness of hanging on this terrible torture machine.   A twofold battle was drawing near its end, the battle to remain true despite the utter physical anguish of the Cross, and the battle to remain true despite the railing of the powers of darkness.   Who would not be at the end of their physical strength after such an endurance trial.    It is natural then, that he is thirsty, that is the natural response of an exhausted person.
But there is more to it than that.   Note the words, “knowing that all was now completed.”    Jesus, despite the anguish, was still in complete control of his awareness. He knew the end was near, he knew he had triumphed and that the task of carrying the world’s sin as God’s Lamb was nearly over.   Yes, Jesus ‘knew’.   He was still the Lord in the midst of the most horrifying of circumstances.   How incredible!
But there is yet more.  Throughout his life and ministry he knew he had a schedule to work to, a prophetic schedule, things to be done simply because God had spoken of them, things that would act as signposts for those who were looking.  And now there was yet one more sign to be put up.   In Psa 22:15 there had been the reference to being dry-mouthed, while in Psa 69:21 there had been reference to being given vinegar for his thirst.  That has not yet happened, so the final detail must be added.  
Within this also the humanity of Jesus is revealed.  One heresy that later arose was that the physical man, Jesus, had not died.   Here in this few words the lie is revealed – this very human request (for a request is what it was) was made, revealing the total humanness of this Lamb.   It is a request of humility.   The one who is the source of living water (Jn 4:13,14, 7:38) is now at the end of himself and is only minutes away from departure.   In this final state of weakness there is no final moment of bravado, just a moment of being totally true to who he is – a man in desperate physical need.   To the last moment, he remains true without any pretence.  He is wrung out, he is thirsty – he is at the end of himself, yet gives no negative response, right to the end.
Lord, you fought the great fight of eternity and triumphed and bought my freedom. Thank you that you remained true.  You bore the burden and never gave even a hint of wrong response.  Thank you for loving me that much.  Thank you that on this day you went through all that to win my freedom, my eternal life.  Thank you so much!

2 thoughts on “Sin-Bearer Exhausted

  1. Thanks Jake – I liked your page.
    For a fuller picture of where I come from on this you might like to trawl back through some of my other recent ones which do pertain to this topic.
    Bless you lots

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