Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

1 Pet 1:9 for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

In this week ahead, following Easter and the Resurrection meditations, we are, in these meditations, simply going to look at some of the effects of the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross on our lives.

The word ‘salvation’ appears in the NIV New Testament 41 times and for Christians is perhaps such a commonly used word that familiarity has dulled its meaning. It essentially means deliverance from danger into a place of safety and security. Our two verses today make the link between the Lent Meditations about the need and work of the Cross, and the following is about the outworking of the Cross.

An analogy that is sometimes given is that of a lifeboat coming out from the shore to rescue people from a sinking ship. The lifeboat comes out and pulls in close to the sinking ship. That is the work of Jesus on the Cross that we have been considering previously. It is there to be taken if the people on the ship of life see their need and will trust themselves to God’s provision.

When the people jump from the sinking ship into the lifeboat they ARE saved. They have been delivered from the sinking ship. That is what took place when (if?) you repented and turned to God and were, as Jesus described it (Jn 3:3), ‘born again’. Now the lifeboat in our analogy turns round and makes for the shore and the people ARE BEING saved. That is the rest of our life on this earth. When the lifeboat reaches the shore and the people step ashore they are FINALLY SAVED. That is what happens when you finally die and go on to your eternal experience of heaven.

Thus Peter speaking on the day of Pentecost, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, made the audacious claim that there is no other way of receiving God’s salvation except through Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian you will have accepted that and you ARE saved. That was an act of faith on your part, receiving the finished work of Christ that we have seen in the Lent Meditations. Later on when Peter was writing his first letter, he reminded us that we were receiving an ongoing process and ARE BEING saved now, and that, by faith, we have and are receiving that which was declared by God. By faith you came to Christ and by faith you will receive all the good things He has for you. As we look at the verses referring to the outworking of the Cross as shown in the New Testament epistles, our call is to believe what we read and let it impact our lives – that is faith. So, we are going to see a number of facets of the salvation that we are receiving in the coming days. Enjoy, wonder, praise and rejoice.

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