Walk of Victory


Josh 6:15 On the seventh day, they got up at daybreak and marched around the city seven times

In olden days, when taking a fortified city, you would lay siege to it, pile earth against its walls and pound them with catapults until a breach was made. Even today we pound cities with rockets or bombs from aircraft until the place is just a pile of rubble. To simply walk round a city is not one of the recognised ways of bringing a city down – but that was what Joshua did!

We said in the previous meditation that something Joshua had to learn was that the Lord is the commander of the army, not him. It was the Lord’s wisdom and the Lord’s power that would subdue the land. Israel had fought and had conquered a couple of kings on the way to the land (and now no doubt feel more confident) but once in the land, the place that first confronts them as they cross the Jordan, is Jericho, a highly fortified city. They have no experience of taking such cities. So how did it happen?

The first thing to note is that the Lord declared, “I have delivered Jericho into your hands” (6:2). He had decreed it, so it was as good as done! When we are confronted by any battle we need to seek the Lord and gain assurance from Him that this is a battle that He wants us to fight and if it is, that He wills victory for us.

The second thing to note is that the Lord gives instructions as to how this city is to be taken (6:3-5). Now there is a problem with this because of the nature of the instruction: march round the city once a day for six days and on the seventh day march round it seven times. The priests were to blow trumpets as they went, the ark was to be carried, and the army was to follow the ark (the women and children were probably glad they just had to watch from a distance!) Now the problem about this is that it sounds crazy! Making so much noise meant that this was not an attack of stealth. Doing nothing to the walls meant they were unlikely to come down. Humanly speaking this was a waste of time. Now we put it like this so that we realise that this was an act of pure faith, of pure obedience. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing the word of God. They have had God’s word, so now all they have to do is obey it.

So for six days they go out and walk (march) round Jericho in silence – well, except for the priests’ trumpets blowing, and then on the seventh day, they go round seven times and on the seventh time as the trumpets blow, they shouted at Joshua’s command – and the walls fell down. All that was left was to go in and take the totally demoralised city.

Now it is very unlikely that you would be called to go and march around a city for seven days, but the overall principle is the same for you in any battle you face and, let’s face it, we do face battles day by day, against demonic powers, and against people being used by the enemy.

Principle Number One: we are the Lord’s army. We do not do what we feel like and we certainly don’t fight battles the way the enemy does, using insults, innuendos, lies etc. Our weapons are righteousness, and righteousness is simply doing what God wants.

Principle Number Two: The Lord is the commander of this army and He knows how this particular battle is to be fought. We need to keep close to Him, to seek His face and to listen for His wisdom. He knows, we don’t, and even if we don’t understand how it could possibly work, we need to do it. That was the problem that Naaman suffered when Elisha told him to go and dip in the river Jordan seven times to get healed of leprosy. How can that possibly help? I don’t know but that’s what God said, so do it. He does and he’s healed. Why? Because that’s the way the Lord set it up, so that he could express his complete reliance on the Lord!

Principle Number Three: our part is to express faith and simply be obedient to what He says in His word and by His Spirit. We are to do no more and no less than what He says. That is our part! And then we are to leave the outcome up to Him! Again, as with the Naaman example above, God simply looks for our obedience, our complete reliance upon Him, that says, ‘Yes, you are God, and I acknowledge that.’ Very often it seems that that is all He is looking for, and then He moves!

This is the walk to victory, and it is a walk of faith. It means receiving God’s word and responding to it in total submission to Him, and then watching the Lord exercise His power on our behalf. May it be so!

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