1. A Wedding

Short Meditations in John 2:   1. A Wedding

Jn 2:1,2    On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.

The third day? The third day after the last mentioned incident with Nathaniel? Whenever it was what follows happened back in the north  in Galilee in the town of Cana. Jesus, presumably with the first of the disciples who had followed him, has gone back north and there is a wedding taking place that both Jesus’ mother and Jesus and his disciples (all local Galileans?) have been invited to.

As we often comment, there are those who say these accounts are made up but each of them has a reality feel about them. This is about an ordinary wedding taking place in this community and Jesus and those with him are there. There appears nothing special about this; it is very ordinary, it is just one of those things that occur and go to make up life. A young couple are being married.  The only this is that this is a story about Jesus and so the wedding is the background for what was to follow. It was this ordinary event that provided the background for the first of what John is going to call a sign.

This wedding account doesn’t appear in the other Gospels and various things in them don’t appear here. The reality was that so many things happened in Jesus ministry that there was no way they could all be written down but as John, in his old age, reflected back on those incredible years of his younger life, he remembers this particular incident that the others hadn’t recorded and he sees within it a significance missed by the others. Remember, this is the Gospel of significance.  John thinking back over many years, realises some of the significance of the things that were happening and he determines to record these in his Gospel.

He’s recorded, briefly, some of the preliminary encounters that drew disciples to Jesus and now he records one of the earlier miracles that clearly pointed to who Jesus really was. That is what the miracles in John are – ‘signs’ pointing to Jesus, revealing who he really was. But here in the opening verses of this chapter we see that this revelation of the Son of God took place in the midst of ordinary events of life. There is nothing ‘super-spiritual’ about this, it is very down to earth. But that is the wonder, that God stepped down to earth and interacted with ordinary human beings in ordinary situations – just like He continues to do today. You have an ordinary life? Watch out for Jesus in it!


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