32. Backup

Short Meditations in John 3:  32. Backup

Jn 3:33  The man who has accepted it has certified that God is truthful.

We move in this verse into an area of slight uncertainty. Let’s take the fairly easy bit first, the word, ‘it’. The man who accepted what? The testimony of Jesus referred to in the previous verse, the testimony of the one who has come from heaven and therefore is qualified to testify to spiritual realities.  Yes, this is Jesus.

But who is ‘the man’? Is it John the Baptist or is it John the apostle or does it refer to someone else?  Well what do we know about this man? They have accepted Jesus’ testimony and so they certify that God is truthful and what Jesus says is true. How do they certify this?

Well some suggest this refers to John the Baptist and he certifies that this is true by his proclamations about Jesus, as we have been seeing in earlier verses. Others suggest that this refers to all believers who once they have accepted Jesus’ testimony ‘certify’ its truth by their lives being transformed. Others suggest that the man is John the apostle, the writer, who certifies this by actually writing about it here in the Gospel.

Whatever the truth, each one of these possibilities hold truth. John the Baptist was certifying that Jesus’ testimony was true by his proclamations. Every believer now they have come to believe in Jesus’ testimony certifies to its truth by having their lives transformed. And John the Gospel writer has certainly testified to its truth by writing this Gospel in the way he does.

Isn’t it interesting that we have been provoked to consider a variety of possibilities by the uncertainty of the writing, and yet every possibility has truth within it and all point to the key point – that Jesus testified to his Father because he had come from heaven where he had spent eternity with his Father and thus his testimony on the earth was unique.

The challenge to each one of us, I suggest, is to hunt down the truth by examining possibilities and weighing them against the evidence. Moreover once we have weighed that evidence and found the truth, to give ourselves whole heartedly to it. What danger there is in simply holding the truth up to the light and examining it and simply treating it as a piece of evidence to be put under a microscope – and be left there! The Gospels were written that we read, investigate, take in, come to belief and then submit to him and are changed. The testimonies of John, John and Jesus should be sufficient – if we come with open minds and open hearts – to create belief in us that enables to be born again and to then enter in to the wonderful life of God.


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