49. Good News Confirmation

Short Meditations in John 4:  49. Good News Confirmation

Jn 4:51  While he was still on the way, his servants met him with the news that his boy was living.

While I am convinced that we are called to live by faith and not by sight, I have come to see that God delights in reassuring us and encouraging us. I have lost count of the number of times that I have prayed and asked for encouragement in some area or activity of my life, and the Lord has given it. Yes, we do have to come to a place of complete trust in Him  but once we are there He delights in bringing us confirmations, assurances and encouragement to strengthen us in the way.

I worry sometimes about the sort of prayer life that just utters petitions day in day out and takes no thought of what we are praying and, especially, whether God is answering. It’s just another facet of this same thing about a God who wants to give assurance and confirmation and encouragement.

Our royal official, that we have been watching in these recent meditations, has come to the point of complete trust in Jesus. Having heard that Jesus was there in Cana, he had left Capernaum and found Jesus and pleaded with Jesus to come and heal his son. When Jesus had said he was healed, that was enough and so the man left, and note he left without any other confirmation that it had been done.

It was only as he was on his way back home that he met some of his servants coming to find him to tell him that his son was living. As far as they were concerned, not knowing what had gone on, this was just a case of him suddenly starting to get better, so they set out to tell their master (perhaps to say there was no longer a need to seek out Jesus?)

But do you see the significance as far as this man was concerned. He trusted Jesus. He left Jesus to go home to find a healed son and it was only as he started off again that the answer came through to him – he is living, he will well!

I believe we are to live in the reality of the present situation. I say this because I hear strange things sometimes in the healing realm: declare your healing before it appears. That sounds fine as long as we check what we are really saying. Don’t say Jesus has healed me, before it has happened. What you can say is, Jesus has said he will heal me and I am rejoicing in that, that my healing IS coming. Jesus’ ministry doesn’t need propping up with our ‘faith statements’ that try to sound faith-filled before the event. I don’t need to ‘believe for it’ before Jesus has said it and done it. If he has said he HAS healed me, then I can get on and live waiting for the manifestation (the change in my body) of it. That is what this man did.

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