1.2 Heart Focus

Short Meditations in Psalms: 1.2  Heart Focus

Psa 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on his law he meditates day and night.

One of the things that has stayed with me since we started this series, is the heart that is fixed on wrong in the ‘wicked’ person. It was not that they sometimes do something wrong, but it is that their whole disposition is on wrong. Now I say this because when we come to this verse the same thing applies.

In the first verse all the negatives were things to be avoided, things that would incur the Lord’s displeasure, but now we are considering the exact opposite sort of person, and they are not someone who is half hearted, they are not someone who occasionally thinks about the Lord. No, this person is sold out for the Lord, of that there can be little question, for we only have to see what he feels about God’s law and then what he does with God’s law.

Now perhaps we can generalise here and instead of God’s Law refer to it more generally as God’s Will, for that is what His Law is. It is the expression of His will, the way He wants people to live to be in accord with the way He has designed them.

So then we come to see what this man FEELS about God’s will. He delights in it. This is not a neutral word. When you delight in something you are really blessed by it, you are thrilled by it. When you delight in something you want more and more of it. And this is what this man feels about God’s will for him. He can’t have enough of it.

Which is why he meditates on it day and night! This doesn’t have to mean that he is doing that every minute of day and night, but that at least he is aware of it, thinking of it, wondering about it, at all times in his life. This man has obviously come to a point in his life where he has realised that God knows best  and having arrived at that conclusion he now spends much of his time pondering on the truths of God’s word, the Law, God’s will.

For us as Christians, the will of God is included in the New Testament as well as the Old and therefore when we read it, we should be asking ourselves, how is God’s will being revealed to us through what I am reading? Everything here is truth, but how specifically does God want to apply it to my life today, how is my life today to be affected by what I read?

Now to finish, we should note that in both cases we are referring to a man or woman who is whole hearted in one direction – either towards God and good, or towards self and evil. We may think that we are a little bit bad and mostly good, but the truth is you will be one OR the other. What is the reality of your life? Self or God?


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