1.4 The Unstable Wicked

Short Meditations in Psalms: 1.4  The Unstable Wicked

Psa 1:4  Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.

Sometimes, as Christians, we do not realise the wonder of the relationship that we have with God and the reality of our faith. I have noticed this particularly with those who became believers when they were very young and they are even heard to say sometimes, “I almost wish I hadn’t come to the Lord until later in life so that I would know the reality of sin.” When you give your life to Jesus at the age of five, or whenever it was, you are in fact protected from some of the things others go through but I also note that such people often have a much more stable base or foundation than those of us who came to him in later years.

Yes, it may be true that such ‘early believers’ may not know in experience some of these things but that is good. The psalmist turns back to ‘the wicked’ and thankfully most of us do not know the depths to which wickedness can go.

As we have said before ‘the wicked’ does not apply to the person who occasionally falls or stumbles but the person whose heart is set on being self-centred, utterly wilful and godless. That is how we all were before we came to Christ, in some measure or other. For the ‘early believer’ it was a very short and limited experience but we were still like that even if it didn’t have the chance to take us deeper into those ways. For others of us we held back from going deep into wickedness but that was still the description of our hearts.

For many of us it may be so long back since we came to Christ that we have forgotten what it was like, but the truth is that such a person – every person before they turn to Christ – is unstable. When you rely upon self you rely upon your own thinking and that can be confused or deceived and wrong and prey to clever sounding words from other godless people, and from the whispers of Satan.

But it is not only thinking, it is also the emotions that are swept all over the place. Self wants one thing and for a moment gets it, and is pleased but the next minute is denied the next want and is frustrated and angry, and with these things come wrong desires – envy, jealousy, covetousness, greed – desires motivated by self, and the accompanying emotions.

Yes the description is apt – like chaff that the wind blows away, but that implies chaos and confusion, ending up who knows were, possibly in destruction. Yes, this is the way of the wicked. We tend to think public figures who are among ‘the wicked’ will always be here, but history shows so often they last a short while and then are gone.


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