2.3 Cry ‘Freedom!’

Short Meditations in Psalms: 2.3  Cry ‘Freedom!’

Psa 2:3    Let us break their chains,” they say, “and throw off their fetters.”

The folly of deception that is shown in the Bible can only be understood in terms of spiritual blindness, that state where human beings seem completely unable to discern and observe the truth. Deception is the outworking of spiritual blindness; it is where spiritually blind people determine their own assessment of reality and, because it comes from their self-centred and godless stance, it twists the truth and turns it in the opposite and wrong direction.

So here we have been considering the kings and rulers of the earth who conspire and plot against God because in their eyes God’s intention is to restrict them and they want freedom to act however they want.  Let’s face it, the Ten Commandments are restrictive:  You shall have no other gods but me. We want to worship whatever we want. You shall honour your father or mother. You’re joking! If they are old and a nuisance we want to ignore or even dispose of them. You shall not commit adultery. Oh my goodness, how old fashioned! If we want to have multiple sexual relationships inside or outside marriage, what’s wrong with that?

The wrong in that is twofold. As a general principle the wrong is that going against these things is going against the way God designed this world to work best, and that includes human relationships. Following on from that, it is wrong because living contrary to God’s design for humanity means hurt and pain, illness and disability, and even self-destruction. Observe just a few of the ‘self-induced problems’ that we face in the West today: a plague of obesity from over eating (lack of self-control), excessive numbers of teenage pregnancies (lack of self-control), a health service at breaking point because of ill health, physical and mental, excessive drug abuse and increased numbers of suicides, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In all of these cases the ‘problem’ (and we could cite many, many more) comes from behavior that flows from the mentality that God and religious rules are like chains on humanity and should be thrown away.

In each and every case there is a crossing of a boundary and they result in physical, mental, social and relational breakdown. As a final example consider the exhortation not to drink to excess. Drinking to excess indicates a mental outlook that means it is rarely a one-off thing. Habitual drinking to excess means drunkenness, antisocial behaviour, often violence, severe physical problems which can even result in death, but ‘throw off the fetters, let us drink’ is the deception. It’s OK.


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