2.4 The So-Different Lord

Short Meditations in Psalms: 2.4  The So-Different Lord

Psa 2:4   The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

I have recently pondered on the truth that the Bible declares, that God is perfect, which means He lacks nothing. He never lacks knowledge, so He knows absolutely everything, He never lacks wisdom so He always knows exactly how to act in any and every possible circumstance and He never lacks power, so He can do what He likes without any restriction. The result of this, if I may put it like this, is that God is supremely confident and at peace with both who He is and what His world does. He never needs to act defensively or out of selfish hostility. He knows all things and can do all things and is perfectly at peace in Himself.

Now after long study, I am sure that all these things I have just said are true and that must impinge on how we interpret the words of the verse above because with a wrong understanding of God they could be interpreted to show a petulant and hostile bully. I’m bigger than you and more powerful than you, so you had better watch out!

How do you respond when your frustrated two year old has a temper tantrum. I’m a grandfather with three children and eight grandchildren; I’ve been there! If you have understanding of growth stages, you do not respond with anger when your two year old gets upset because often it is an expression of frustration. No, you laugh and pick them up and help them. If it is self-centred disobedience that is something else, but you from your position of power do not need to slap them down; that would be the act of a bully.  We will go on to see other things the Lord feels but for the moment his laughter is a simple acknowledgment of what a silly situation this is with little human beings challenging the all-powerful Creator of all things. It’s a joke!

When it comes to the word ‘scoffs’ I would suggest that a better way of putting it is how the Message Version puts it: “Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing. At first he’s amused at their presumption.” We usually use scoffs in a very negative way but all powerful God doesn’t need to demean silly people – He will go on to correct them, but His initial reaction is to push aside the hostility (that is what scoffs does) and laugh at the childish behaviour of these foolish rulers.

Yes, there is going to come a very serious response that faces the kings with their folly, but the initial reaction is one that reflects the bizarre behaviour of ants challenging a giant. That is what we need to see here, the greatness and the might and the power of our Lord and the smallness of humanity, millions upon millions of them as we may be. Worship the all-powerful One, our Creator.


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