2.6 God’s Activity

Short Meditations in Psalms: 2.6  God’s activity

Psa 2:6  I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill.”

Remember the earlier part of this psalm is all about foolish kings on the earth who ‘sound off’ against God and all of His plans for the earth. They want to do their own selfish things that cause hurt, harm and destruction, and He wants to bring goodness, love and so on to His earth. They want to live how they want, regardless of God and certainly regardless of the wellbeing of other human beings; He wants them to live according to His design for the earth so that peace and goodwill would prevail.

They seek to proclaim their power and authority as kings of the earth but now the Lord proclaims that HE has installed HIS king or ruler in Jerusalem. What can we say about this being?

First, God has already installed him according to this prophetic psalm. He is already in existence.

Second, this psalm is not attributed to David and the descriptions of this king that follow, and which we will see in future meditations, clearly suggest that this one is much more than a mere ordinary human ruler.

Third, the place of his rule is referred to as “Zion, my holy hill” and Zion, first referred to in 2 Sam 5:7, initially referred to a specific hill in the city which became Jerusalem and the eventual location of Solomon’s temple. It also has a heavenly significance but it may be that it is simply the place of God’s habitation – in Jerusalem on the earth, or in heaven. Whatever the fullest definition of Zion here it proclaims to the rest of the world that God’s representative rules there from Jerusalem so whether they like it or not, God’s rule IS on the earth.

Remember in v.2 we read, “The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One” and so it is as if the Lord is saying you may try and push me and my anointed representative off this my world, but I have established him in Jerusalem and nothing you do will change that! You can scream and shout and say what you like but nothing will change this reality – my ruler is here and he’s here to stay.

Fourth, in the verses that we shall go on to see we shall see that this ruler is a supreme authority who is all-powerful and in comparison they will be seen to be utterly powerless. History shows again and again that they are ‘big powerful men’ or even powerful regimes, but ultimately their time is limited and God will deal with them. Power figures in present history are President Putin of Russia or the Communist Party of China. Both will be limited in life and power.


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