2.10 Wise Up!

Short Meditations in Psalms: 2.10  Wise up!

Psa 2:10  Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.

The psalmist has just put the world and existence into perspective and reminded us that although kings and rulers may appear pretentious  and plot and scheme against others and against God, the reality is that God has His own supreme ruler lined up and there is going to come a time when he will burst forth in the affairs of men, not as a gentle meek and mild healer, preacher, miracle worker in a small country in the Middle East but as the Lord of all glory who will be seen by every eye and who will speak God’s words with such authority that there will no longer be any room to argue but every knee will bow before him.

THAT is the true state of the world and it was then and it is now. Now if that is true – and it is! – then this psalm comes as a warning to all, not just pretentious kings and rulers but anyone who dares to raise up a standard against God. There is going to come a time when every foolish crusading atheist will find themselves standing before almighty God and they will suddenly realise their folly – too late!

Now one of the things that makes me marvel in the Bible is the number of times that God brings warnings to sinful peoples. The whole book is, in one sense a warning to whoever will pick it up and read it. But throughout the Old Testament the records show that again and again God’s prophets came bringing warnings and calling people back to God. From Israel’s perspective almost certainly the greatest disaster that ever came upon them was the Exile under Nebuchadnezzar when Jerusalem was utterly destroyed, together with the Temple in it, and the vast majority of the people were deported to Babylon.

There are two things that amaze me about that Exile and the first of those is the number of times God warned the kings and the people. For up to forty years before it happened the Lord spoke to them through Jeremiah and then after the first ‘gleanings’ had been taken away to Babylon, it also came through Ezekiel sending messages back to Jerusalem. There was no way that these people could say that had not been warned.  The second thing that amazes me is the way the kings of the day and the people generally ignored God’s warning. It can only be blindness caused by sin that makes people ignore the incredible number of warnings that came. Now here is the thing: I am certain that God speaks to every single human being on this earth many times in their lifetime. They may not recognize that it is Him but they hear – and mostly disregard. No person will stand before God in heaven for the final accounting and be able to say, “I didn’t know.”  They did and they do!


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