3.3 Declare the Truth

Short Meditations in Psalms: 3.3  Declare the Truth

Psa 3:3  But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

When the day seems dark and people seem against us, and the voice of the enemy insidiously and perpetually it seems demeans us, there is but one remedy: the truth. Yes, the truth can contain many facets – yes, perhaps I got myself into this mess, yes, perhaps the end is in sight and it is only a short-term  thing and yes, these people are just being thoroughly unpleasant which says more about them than it does about me. Yes, all of those things are true but there is a bigger truth to be told, a bigger truth to be declared.

The bigger truth is always about God. This is why it is so important that we read, study and meditate upon His word, to take in and absorb the truth about Him. David knew his God. That was clear from his early days when he stood against the Philistine giant, Goliath (1 Sam 17). He has a relationship with the Lord and he knew the Lord’s provision and knew that the Lord would help him against Goliath. It is also clear from the way he refused to raise a hand against Saul and would only trust the Lord. It was true in the way he anguished after his sin against Uriah the husband of Bathsheba, revealing his awareness that he had also sinned against the Lord and was answerable to Him.

What access David had, if any to the Pentateuch and the history of the Patriarchs and the history of the Exodus and the establishing of Israel in the Promised Land, we don’t know. Almost certainly there would have been a tradition of passing down through the family, these things.  That would have been his equivalent to our having the whole Bible. It was obviously much less but there was nevertheless a lot of content there that told him about the Lord and that had been reinforced by his experiences of the Lord.

For us today there can be nothing more important in our life than our knowledge about and of the Lord.   ‘About’ speaks of what we read in His word, while ‘of’ speaks of our experience of Him. It is that which we must fall back on in the grey or dark days and the days of opposition.

David had learned through the years that the Lord had been his protection: “But you are a shield around me, O LORD,”  so he declares it in this psalm. It is important to speak out the truth. He also knew that the Lord would restore his reputation and pick him up so he felt better about himself: “you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.” God was for him and God would be working all things together for good for him – and us! (Rom 8:28) That IS the truth and in the face of enemy opposition we need to learn to declare it again and again – even before we are delivered, while we are still in the dark place. Do it!


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