3.6 The Declaration of Faith

Short Meditations in Psalms: 3.6 The Declaration of Faith

Psa 3:6  I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side.

In verse 7 we will see David’s cry for help and yet here we find a declaration of faith, or a declaration of confidence in God. Observing these two things we note that we can come to a place of faith but still recognize the need and therefore the need of the Lord’s help. A declaration of faith does not mean we do not need His help.

But how do we come to his place of faith? I suspect the answer involves several parts. The first part is coming to know about God. This is where the Bible is so important to the believer; we need to have the knowledge about God as a starting point otherwise everything else is pure speculation.  The second part is knowing God. This takes us beyond intellectual knowledge to the language of testimony. When David, as a younger man, had gone to Saul to fight against Goliath, his testimony was that God had delivered him from a lion and a bear while looking after his father’s sheep and so he was confident that the Lord would now give him victory over the giant who was an enemy of God. This second part is all about our encounters with God and what we can say about them, our experiences of Him.

But such a statement of faith has both a past and a future dimension to it. As we have just noted, there is our testimony of what we have experienced and learnt of the Lord so far in life. This acts as a good foundation. But then, as we pray, there rises up within us a certainty (and that is what it is), and that certainty is a confidence in God, an assurance that He will be there for us in the future. It is His presence, the presence of His Holy Spirit, rising up within us and communicating assurance to our spirit.

But there is one more thing for it to be a statement of faith – we need to speak it out. Now I am not quite sure why it is so, but speaking truths out loud is very important. For salvation the call is to believe in your heart and declare with your lips (Rom 10:9,10). It is not just believing; it is also speaking it out and living it out.

Also, please remember again, it is a future thing, faith is “being sure of what we hope for” (Heb 11:1) so you speak out what you don’t yet have. This is not presumption, it is based on your encounters with the Lord and it is confidence in Him because of what He had done and now has said.

Why is such a statement of faith important? Because it takes us on a step towards victory in the days ahead. At some point we are going to have to step out in faith, but the strength to do that has come as we have made this statement of faith and been reassured. Hallelujah!


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