6.8 Enough! He’s Heard!

Short Meditations in Psalms: 6.8 Enough! He’s Heard!

Psa 6:8  Away from me, all you who do evil, for the LORD has heard my weeping.

There are times when our enemies seem to be prevailing. It is a shocking thing to say but for a while it can appear true. David in the early part of this psalm has been crying his heart out as, for whatever the reason, he has felt in total anguish – and it has been a total anguish – in respect of his enemies who seem to dominate his feelings. It is nothing less than this, and this is why David had been crying out to the Lord.

But then there comes within him a new awareness: in the heavenlies the Lord has heard: “the Lord has heard my weeping”. More will follow but if God has heard, God will respond. There has been no great prophetic word from heaven, just this inner assurance that it has happened. This is one of those low-key sides of the Christian experience. It is not a ‘mountain top experience’ and it is not an earth shattering declaration but suddenly in his spirit, David just knows, and that is enough.

I have often said that the most important thing in the world is to hear the Lord, even if it is just three words. When God speaks to you and you hear His words, that is enough, the world has changed, everything is different, God, the Almighty Creator of all things and my Redeemer has spoken. And yet sometimes, and I guess just now is one such time, it doesn’t even come in words, just the sense that the Lord has heard and has stirred on my behalf. Watch out world, He has heard, He has stirred, He is coming! Hallelujah!

Now because of all that, David turns and faces his enemies and it is as if he says, “Right, that’s it, enough! Go on, back off!  I’m no longer alone, so step back!” The source of his anguish, their evil and their wrong talking and wrong doing that had seemed to go on and on and which had caused him such anguish, is now in the Lord’s sights, so watch out!

There do seem to be times when the Lord steps back and allows evil to prevail (see Rom 1:24,26,28), times when He allows their folly to mount up, and sometimes until we see the fruit of that – repentance coming and maybe even revival following – from the viewpoint of the righteous it can be incredibly hard as we appear to be watching the enemy triumphing. It almost seems like the Lord is unconcerned – but that is not true – and so the enemy seems to get away with ever increasing apostasy in the land, but the Lord waits for His saints to catch His heart and cry out in anguish for the land, even as David has been doing – and then He acts. Now, watch out world!


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