6.9 Relief!

Short Meditations in Psalms: 6.9 Relief!

Psa 6:9  The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer.

One of the worst things in life, I believe, is the feeling that you are alone, that there is no God, no sense of purpose or meaning in life. Most people try to ignore such feelings and cover them up with activity. Many believers seem quite content to have a relationship with God that is silent; in fact they would almost feel it is presumptuous to say that God speaks to people, but that is the stance of unbelief.

David has cried out to the Lord and David expects to get answers when he prays, he expects God to hear him and answer him; he wouldn’t bother to pray otherwise. What is the point of just uttering words that bounce off the walls or evaporate into the atmosphere? Prayer is talking to God and Him talking back.

Thus after all his talk of anguish David now makes this beautiful and, to some, amazing declaration. a bold confidence about his prayers: “The Lord has heard my cry.” It’s all right! The message has got through, God has heard it. That’s part one. The confidence that the prayer has got to through to God in heaven.

But there is a second part: “the Lord accepts my prayer.”  It isn’t merely a case that the prayer has got through, the Lord approves what David has been saying, He has heard it and taken it in and accepted what David has been saying. So what David has been saying is the truth; this is how things have been, the Lord accepts that, and the inference has to be that in accepting it, He will do something about it – that will come in the final verse in the final meditation in this particular psalm.

But what was it that David had asked for, that he is now confident will come from God? Mercy. He wanted God to step in an do something about the poor spiritual state of the people around him, his enemies who were causing him so much anguish. He had in verse 4 appealed to God’s love and in verse 5 used logic to suggest that dead men cannot glorify God, but ultimately David knows that the Lord is sovereign and the Lord is holy and realistically David has no grounds to force God to act on his behalf. David knows that when it comes down to it, it will be pure and simple mercy – unearned activity that God just does because He chooses to.  None of us have any self-merit, we are all sinners, redeemed we may be, and now called children of God, but even that was mercy.  Love did seem to be the motivating force behind God’s provision of our salvation but even then it is a mystery how a wonderful and perfect God could love us beings who are so often utterly self-centred and godless.  What a glorious mystery!

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