15. Peace in World Crises

Short Meditations on Peace 15. Peace in World Crises

Psa 121:3    He will not let your foot slip– he who watches over you will not slumber;

The truth is that we live in a worrying world and because we live in media saturated world, we hear about all these things that can cause worries and worries, of course, rob us of the peace that should be ours. In 2016 in the UK there have been worries over leaving the European Union, in the USA there were worries over the candidates in the race for the White House. On top of these things there are ever the clouds overshadowing us of Global warming and Global terrorism. Back in the last century there were worries over the Cold War with the USSR and those worries have been resurrected by the activities of the Russian president. Will it all end in one big bang?  On top of these things we have virus’s that seem to appear from nowhere and we now use words like Pandemic to describe the potential horrors of world-wide plagues. We live in a fallen world and things go wrong, so how can be possibly have peace in the midst of all this?

The first thing to remember, taking hold of the ‘big picture’, is that God is in control of His world and it IS His world, because He made it, perfect at the beginning but not so now. Second, remember He is working with a heavenly agenda and although He allows wars to bring discipline to nations, He is still in control. Third, remember His adversary, the devil, is only a fallen angel, one small being in God’s big creation and Jesus taught us to pray, “Deliver us from the evil one” (Mt 6:13) which is a daily reminder that we need God’s protection – which He’ll give!

Our header verse above comes from a psalm that is all about security and in it the Psalmist reminds us that our help, our security, is to come from God (v.2), who keeps watch over all His children (v.3,4). Indeed, he goes on, He will keep watch over you twenty-four hours a day (v.5,6) and He will keep you from harm (v.7) because He sees everything you do (v.8) and, by implication, will make sure you remain safe.

The book of Revelation is a strange book as far as many are concerned but after an introductory chapter and then two chapters addressed to local churches of Asia Minor, our perspective of history is set in the light of what is in heaven – God Almighty (chapter 4) and the lamb of God (chapter 5) who is given a scroll which is end time history to open. This is God who is sovereign, God who came to save you, God who is overseeing all that happens today. Let everything else be seen in the light of these truths, these realities, It is your loving heavenly Father who is supreme over all things. Be at peace in His love.

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