41. Not Human Testimony

Short Meditations in John 5:  41. Not Human Testimony

Jn 5:41   I do not accept praise from men,

Here is another of those tricky bits about doing a meditation on a single verse for this one is going to continue, “but I know you,” and he will then say what he knows about them again. But the verse before this present one declared, “yet you refuse to come to me to have life.”

So now we have the context we can see that Jesus is saying, “Look you disregard the scriptures about me and so refuse to come to me, but I don’t want you to come to me to praise me, but to find salvation  through me” (implied). The “but I know you” follow on is going to say that they are not open to God for His salvation that Jesus will be bringing.

Back in v.34, referring to John the Baptist, Jesus had said, “Not that I accept human testimony,” which has a similar ring to it and yet is different. There he was pointing out that he did not need human testimony for he had the testimony of the Father. Now he is saying he doesn’t need or want praise from men. To think that all of this discussion is about getting people to like and accept him is to miss the point. Yes, everything about Jesus is wonderful and should evoke praise and worship within us, because he is the Son of God from heaven, but that is different from saying he needs our praise. That almost implies that he would need our praise to verify who he is; he doesn’t! He knows exactly who he is and the Father knows exactly who he is and so what we say changes nothing about who he is.

So often when we are in ‘apologetics mode’ we tend to think we need to get people to accept what a great guy Jesus was. No, we don’t. We need to get them (with the help and direction of the Holy Spirit) to accept their sinful state and their need of salvation. Thereafter we are simply to show them that Jesus was and is the Son of God who has come to carry out the plan of the Godhead to die for our sins and become the means of that salvation.

The fascinating thing, in my experience at least, is that praise for Jesus, I have observed, comes after a person has accepted Jesus into their life as Lord and Saviour. Only then, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, are our eyes opened to see the wonder of who is he.

If this is true, and I believe it is, then this whole passage in this long discussion with Jesus is not to convince these hard-hearted Jews about who he is – for they are set in their ways and this hard-heartedness will be what drives them to eventually bring about his crucifixion – but simply to show us, John’s readers down through history, this hard-heartedness that existed in them that pushed through the events to culminate in his death.

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