57. The Flow of Life

Short Meditations in John 6:  57. The Flow of Life

Jn 6:57 Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me

Notice the flow that runs through this verse: the Father lives so the Son lives so we can live.  There are fundamental, absolutely basic truths here that perhaps we don’t often think about. The starting point is that life exists because God exists. He is life, He is ‘alive’ and because he made all of this material world we also live.

This is something so basic that we take it for granted and so really need to define it. ‘Life’ = “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” There we are, life involves growth, reproduction, activity, and change. A rock may change with the effect of weather upon it but left to itself it will not change. We have life and without it, life ceases, activity ceases, growth ceases, change ceases. That is how important all this is.

So life is in the Father and, as the creeds declare, Jesus was begotten of the Father, meaning he came out of the Father and is one in essence with the Father. In him is life as well. But then they created us and so we live but that ‘living’ is purely at a material level and yet they have also made us with a spirit which is capable of coming alive and that happens when we receive Jesus and we receive his Holy Spirit, who is life.

Thus when we are ‘born again’ it is an act of the Holy Spirit who then indwells us, and His life then energizes us so that spiritually there is growth, reproduction, activity and change. The purpose of the Father was for Jesus to come to the earth so that His life would be manifest on the earth, spiritually as well as physically. Hence we see impartation of revelation from heaven, a flow of power that brought life to dead bodies, sight to blind eyes, hearing to deaf ears, and brought about what otherwise we call miracles. Where there is ‘life’ there is change, movement, activity.

Now when we see this in relation to our own lives, this takes on a new significance. His life flowing in us as Christians brings change, brings movement, brings activity, brings revelation. We change, we grow we are activated by His presence and His life movement in us. But there is something else about ‘life’, it needs feeding to be constantly energized. God doesn’t need feeding because He is unlimited, but we do and the feeding is spiritual, it is that which we have been considering a number of times already, taking in the presence of Jesus, living with him, going with him and so on. This ‘feeding’ energizes and releases life.

(Today we have added two studies to come to a place where we can pause up in order to start a brief series tomorrow to reflect on Christmas. We will  continue with John 6 later.)

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