Snapshots: Day 1

Snapshots of the Bible Story: Prologue

May I introduce you to a new approach to Bible meditations. A while back I wanted to introduce a ‘spiritual’ element to an otherwise secular appearing church Facebook page and while praying about this page, I found ideas flowing that I described as ‘micro-thoughts’, short, concentrated truths about our Christian lives, shorter than usual meditations but longer than Twitter messages. A number of people in our church said how they had been helped by these.

After a while, at the beginning of the year, I sensed in my praying – because I only wrote what came out of my prayer times – a new purposeful direction and so, starting at the very beginning of the Bible, I began creating these snapshots of the Bible, snapshots of truth based upon Bible verses. These developed and continued on. By accident I put one on my own Facebook page and got a wave of approval from a number of my ‘friends’.

While these continue today, and I put them on twice a week, I did feel they were good for a quick boost but lacked deeper content and so wondered if it was possible to develop them further. What follows is that development. Whether it works, only you can tell. I have simply taken the original ‘micro-thought’ and called it a ‘Snapshot’ and then added a further explanation to create a meditation of the same length that I use for my ‘Short Meditation’ studies in say John’s Gospel (which I will still continue to return to from time to time).

So it is early days and I have only written as far as the end of Genesis so far and the feeling I have at the moment is, can I take snapshots through the length of the whole Bible? To that end I am calling them “Snapshots of the Bible Story” because, contrary to post-modern thinking, I do believe there is a big story here to be told and it should be seen as a whole. Because it could go on for a while, it is my intention to post them in groups of ten, pausing to continue the other threads that I have been pursuing.

The intention is that they be short and easily read, revealing basic truths that should impact our lives, truths based upon the word of God, bearing in mind that, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” (2 Tim 3:16) and should thus be a most significant part of the life of every believer, in whatever forms we can find. I hope this new form works.

Snapshots of the Bible Story: Day 1

The Snapshot:  “In the beginning… God…”: Spirit, power, energy with personality; almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise; here, there, and everywhere; always has been, always is, and always will be; perfect, cannot be improved upon, never wrong, always right, often misunderstood; perfect love, perfect goodness, merciful, full of grace and kindness; utterly patient, persistent, persevering , never in a rush, often misunderstood, never gives up; always reaching out, communicating, creating, making, providing, enabling, equipping, empowering; desiring relationship; unique, deserving worship. Do what should be instinctive, worship.

Further Consideration:  Genesis 1: The beginning of any reflection on the Bible Story has to begin with God. The God of the Bible revealed primarily through Judaism and Christianity. I wonder how many people – apart from theologians and philosophers – think about what the three-letter word, ‘G-o-d’ means? To different peoples and different cultures one thing, but for those who rest in the veracity and integrity of the Bible, it means a Supreme Being, who is infinite, all-powerful (Creator), all-knowing, all-wise, ever-present, good and loving.

And of course He (forgive the masculine because like the law it is used as a shortcut throughout the Bible) is ‘spirit’ (Jesus simply declared, “God is spirit” Jn 4:24) What is ‘spirit’? I’m not sure but my own definition would be “power or energy with personality” but that does not help us much beyond saying that the God revealed in the Bible is powerful, has personality, feels and communicates.

And that is the heart of the matter: this ‘God’, this Supreme Being, we are told in the Bible, created this world from nothing, it’s His world and He designed and created us, and then communicates with us human beings (which we’ll see more of in the days to come). This God doesn’t just ‘exist’ somewhere in the background of existence like some inert gas in the far corners of the universes, He is here, now, in our time-space history and He speaks into and acts into this world, so it is not merely a mechanical universe, and He is not, as someone once described it, “the ghost in the machine”.  (Arthur Koestler & Gilbert Ryle). That is what the Story of the Bible is all about – God, who He is, His character and how He has interacted into history. When we ponder on this, we realize that not only are we not alone, but it is possible to have a real, genuine, living relationship with ‘God’. Worship Him now.

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