Snapshots: Day 16

Snapshots: Day 16

The Snapshot: “he drove man out.”  But why? Cain shows it was not the end, He was still there communicating, so why send us out of the garden? Someone once put it, Adam and Eve (representing all of us) showed they wanted to do their own thing, follow their own instincts, travel a different path from God, and so, amazingly, He said, very well but this is how life without me is but, because I called you to reign in the earth, I will let you do that, without me, as you want.  And so began a learning exercise that can be seen throughout the entire Old Testament (& New) that without Him we mess up.  It’s the most important lesson a man or a woman can learn, but how slow we are. I must stop, I need to hand this day over to Him, seek His help, seek His love.  He’s there.

Further Consideration: We’re going to stick with this thought about God driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden and consider another aspect of the whole thing. I first saw this many years ago in a little book by Bible translator, J.B.Phillips, entitled, ‘Good News – Thoughts on God and man’ where he spoke of the humility of God and wrote, “He is still gentle and humble and apparently weak. The self-centred girl can keep God at arm’s length for as long as she wants, and the conceited man can do the same. It’s a rather frightening thought, but it remains true that God does not interfere with anyone’s freedom to choose.” When I first posted that snapshot on Facebook with those words, “without him we mess up,” someone must have complained because initially Facebook blocked the page – but then subsequently released it. It is a truth that many of us don’t like facing. We like the thought that we are free to do what we like (and God won’t stop us) but we are not so comfortable in facing the truth that left to our own devices we WILL ‘mess up’.

We have amazingly opposite possibilities as human beings. On one side we have the potential of being self-less, godly, beautiful people who can be a blessing to the rest of mankind and to God, but on the other side we can be utterly self-centred and godless, harming ourselves, harming others and harming the earth, and we grieve God. How the father in the Prodigal Son story (Lk 15:11-), that we referred to recently in a previous study, must have felt when the son left home. That is the picture of God. Than needs some thinking about.

So let’s recap some of these things. Failure has a number of repercussions or consequences and one of them is that God, in His ongoing love for us, ensures we get put into new circumstances where we will learn and change. He doesn’t want to just stay as we are; He has a better plan for us. Thank God.

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