Snapshots: Day 17

Snapshots: Day 17

The Snapshot: “Jubal… was the father of all who play stringed instruments and pipes” Musicians? How we take music for granted. Why do we make music? Because we are made in the image of a creative God. How amazing! A capacity to create sound that moves the heart, lifts it, quietens it, makes it ache. Creativity even in fallen man. Creativity that writes, composes, designs, invents, plans, schemes, devises, orders, creativity that makes so much of our modern world, creativity that can bless, creativity that can be harmful, even destructive, creativity that can make tools, creativity that can make weapons, creativity that uses up resources. Wow! I didn’t realize creativity brings responsibility. Lord, thank you for the wonder of this ability you gave us. Help us use it wisely and beautifully.

Further Consideration: Isn’t creativity a wonderful thing? Every time you watch a film, someone has been working incredibly creatively. Computer generated graphics created the next great leap so that, as one film-maker said not long ago, if you can imagine it, we can make it. I often visit various art groups and I marvel at the ability of people of all ages to create works of art. I know a man who mostly works with pencils and produces the most amazingly detailed pencil sketches, sometimes of landscapes that are better than photos. Then tune into radio stations playing music or go to YouTube and type in your favourite music. It’s all there – immense variety. I confess to having come to love watching the various members of a big orchestra playing a symphony – variety producing unity and beauty. But on the other hand I grew up loving some modern jazz and the wonders of these musicians improvising. Amazing.

Sometimes on holiday we may visit a craft centre and watch someone blowing glass, or ‘throwing’ a pot on a potter’s wheel. We have a TV programme called ‘Grand Designs’ and I find I come away amazed at the persistence and resilience of people who have decided with the help of an architect to build their own amazing home. I find I am inspired by what they achieve. The varieties, the differences of designs and approaches to building leave me almost breathless in wonder. This creativity is awesome.

But then I hear some of these house designers talk about ‘green footprints’ and we are slowly coming to realize that what we do has an impact on the earth and what we have done with it so far has threatened our very future. Perhaps we need to have a word with the Creator, seek His forgiveness and His wisdom. There is hope, even though some paint a doomsday picture of eventual destruction. They forget God; this is still His world. He will redeem it (see Rev 21:1).

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