Snapshots: Day 19

Snapshots: Day 19

The Snapshot: “Abram’s wife was Sarai.”  Heartache & Hope are often at the centre of the redeeming plans of God in the midst of this fallen dysfunctional world. Otherwise why choose a childless couple, why promise them a great family, a nation, a new land? Pre-Christ we are all ‘childless’, failing to reach our ‘possibility’, falling short of God’s glory, God’s potential for us.  Heartache and potential. Do we tolerate missing the mark, failing to rise to our potential, because we look back at failure? Do we let past hurts subjugate faith, letting unbelief deny we have potential, deny God’s yearnings for us, refusing to receive what He longs to give us? Abram speaks of hope.  Christ speaks of a mountain of hope. Lord, open my eyes to catch the enormity of this vision.

Further Consideration: The story of Abram and Sarai, like several other stories with similar ingredients in the Bible, shouts out some very basic and fundamental truths about our existence on this earth.

The first truth is that we live on a fallen world where, because of the sin of mankind, ‘things go wrong’, things ‘don’t work’ as they should. It’s not necessarily the sin of the individual (though it can be) but may just be one of those things that happen in this broken and often dysfunctional world. So we find sickness and illness and infirmities – things that did not exist when God first made the world but which have arisen as we wrongly use the world or wrongly use one another. Today we may talk about genetic breakdowns but whatever it is, the result is that we don’t work as well as we were designed to. So we suffer childlessness, deformed babies, infant deaths, premature deaths of all sorts. A fallen world.

The second truth is that this does not have to be the end of the story. It may be for some but the door to God’s office (prayer) is always open and He always listens and He is always there for us and will never reject us as we come to Him like little children. His bigger concern is that our relationship with Him is restored. That is first and foremost His goal because He knows that that will open up doors of possibilities that otherwise will not be there. Yes, healing is one of the options, becoming fertile and being able to carry a baby is one of the options, and so on. Testimonies within the Christian world say this is true, many, many times (but not always). Sometimes He does step in and bring the change we cry for. At other times we will have to trust His love and wait for an answer when we come face to face with Him eventually. Rest in His love. Remember, living in a fallen world means that learning to trust God is top of the agenda because we won’t see it all as clearly as we want until we meet Him face to face.

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