Snapshots of the Bible: Day 21

Snapshots: Day 21

The Snapshot: “Abram believed the LORD.”  Does it all boil down to believing? Is it all just about accepting what God says is true? About His love for me? About His hopes for me? About the potential I have in His hands? Won’t He do all this stuff if I don’t believe? What’s that? Believing is like opening a door that He knocks on, asking to enter, refusing to barge into my life without invitation, refusing to come without my permission. But He’s all-powerful isn’t He? This all speaks of a God who made us in His image, told us to reign and now He refuses to snatch that rule back?  When He says go, dare I go? When He says step out of the boat, dare I do it? If I don’t I will always regret it, always wonder what I missed, always wonder what could have been. Lord, help me step out.

Further Consideration: As I return to this snapshot I marvel at the truths here that flow out of God’s word. He took a pagan from Mesopotamia and introduced him to a life of faith, of hearing God and responding. How did he hear? I don’t know, possibly in his mind an ongoing nagging impression that would not go away. But he ‘hears’ it and responds to it. We’ve already considered their childlessness but when God says, “You will have a son,” eventually – and as we saw in the previous study, it is an ‘eventually’ – he believes God.

I said in the previous consideration that the path to belief is rarely an easy one, and we noted the difficulties Abram had encountered since coming to the Promised Land. But now the Lord has spoken yet again that Abram will have many children (Gen 15:4,5) and now Abram believes.

Previously I asked the question, “Does it all boil down to believing?” and the answer has to be yes, and for very practical reasons. If Abram hadn’t believed what he heard at the beginning he would never have left Ur, never have travelled to the Promised Land, and probably therefore, never heard the Lord’s ongoing encouragement.

If you hadn’t believed originally, you would not have become a Christian. If Peter hadn’t believed in Jesus, he would never have stepped out of the boat (Mt 14:29). If you didn’t believe and pray you wouldn’t have answers to prayer. And yet He doesn’t make us believe, He doesn’t make us step out of the boat, He doesn’t make us pray; these are all voluntary things, expressions of our relationship together, His and mine.

It never gets easier, this believing-faith thing. Every single time we step out in faith, our blood pressure goes up. It needs another distinct declaration of belief, another distinct choice to act. He’s spoken; dare I believe.  Silly not to really!

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