Snapshots: Day 37

Snapshots: Day 37

The Snapshot: “but Moses fled.”  (Ex 2:15)   We didn’t see that coming. The circumstances of life had moved on and Moses was a Prince of Egypt, but then suddenly it is all gone. Put aside the causes for the moment because often the causes are not clear, but his life as a Prince is gone. If this was a big-screen picture it would be accompanied by the setting sun.  A ball of fire at the end of the day, descending to the horizon until eventually just a few glimmers of its flames and its afterglow, and its gone. Dusk. Light fails. Night. Sleep. If you didn’t know better you would say, ‘The End’ but with God there is yet resurrection, a new day. The anguish remains for the night, but there is joy in the morning. There is more to come for Moses – and us.

Further Consideration: Times of personal catastrophe feel like the end. That is it, we’ve blown it, there is no future. We’ve just seen how a decision made in a moment can be a decision that devastates the past and utterly destroys the possibilities of the future. All the good credit we had built up over the years gets squandered in a moment and our past counts for nothing now.

We have stepped over the line we thought we would never cross. We had looked at other people whose moral failures revealed what they were really like on the inside and we thought, “How could they have done that? I could never do that,” but then we did, and we realised we were just like everyone else, a sinner who will be looked down on by the Pharisees who still deny they have ever crossed the line.

Suddenly we feel like Peter after his threefold denial of Jesus, except this hadn’t been about Jesus – or if it had, only loosely, at a distance so to speak. No, this was about our own standing, about what others will think if I get found out. What will be family think? What will friends think? What will those who look to me, who rely on me, think?

The trouble is that there is no way back. You cannot undo this, you cannot withdraw the words, the actions, the giving way to the temptation, it has happened and there is no way of pretending otherwise. And then I realise that I have joined the company of the guilty. Before this I had just accepted a truth taught at church that we’re all guilty, but there had been no big blot on my character – until now! Now there is this black cloud just lurking there, and behind it people will soon be gossiping. Before I know it, it will be on social media and everyone will know. Some will laugh, some will sneer, some will think like I used to think. Now I am different from them; they are the innocents, while I am part of the company of the guilty. We are two different sets of people and never again will I be able to be part of their group. It is the end…. isn’t it?

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