Snapshots: Day 38

Snapshots: Day 38

The Snapshot: “but Moses fled.”  (Ex 2:15) Possibly this is one of The classic examples in the Bible of someone ‘taking affairs into their own hands’. It implies human effort, human endeavour, human wisdom and, as so often is the case, human upset. The temptation to remedy a bad situation by human means, by human endeavour, by human wisdom, is great when God doesn’t seem to be turning up, and you feel He should! Invariably the result is worse. Activity born of impatience is indeed lack of trust in God’s wisdom, God’s timing and God’s power. Because we walk by faith and not by sight, it means that often we cannot ‘see’ God’s plans, God’s intention, even God’s preparations. Pray we must, trust we must. The alternatives are not worth thinking about.

Further Consideration: We’ve just considered the horror of a life coming to an end, a life of innocence, a life of righteousness, and all that stretches before me is this life of guilt and shame, a life where others look at me differently. Come on, I just ran out of grace, it was a bad day, we all have these … don’t we? You wait until it is your turn!

I want to justify myself. It wasn’t just me; it was partly them, in fact the more I think about it, the more I realise it was mostly them! If they hadn’t been like they were, if they hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have fallen. Yes, it was them. I was just trying to do what was best in the moment, they needed my comfort, they needed my correction, they needed to hear the truth. I just acted in the moment to do what it seemed needed doing, and now the slave-master is dead!

I pause and I realise I’m just making excuses, it was my fault, I was weak, I didn’t look to God for help, I blew it! I confess it and say sorry to God and as I sit there in silence various verses rise up in my consciousness, and I realise I am not on my own.

First, there are those pillars of faith, Abram and Sarah who have been told by God again and again they would have a son, but he doesn’t appear, so on the end she badgers Abram to take her servant and have a child through her – and Jew and Arab have been at war ever since. Then there was Judas Iscariot. What went on in his mind as he sold out Jesus? Was he seeking to provoke Jesus into action as the leader of an insurrection? He never saw he was a foreseen pawn in the big plan and so went and killed himself. Fortunately for Israel, neither Abram nor Sarai did that and so God’s plan was fulfilled through them and Isaac was born who had Jacob who became Israel. And, of course, there was Moses who was just trying to help his people. What a people we are sometimes, just trying to help out the Lord of the Universe! Oh when will we ever learn? Perhaps the greatest lesson we can ever learn is that God knows best!

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