Snapshots: Day 46

Snapshots: Day 46

The Snapshot: “I am who I am.” (Ex 3:14) Pardon?  Say “I am has sent me to you.”  Er… yes…. er, Lord, that’s not much clearer. You are ‘ I AM”?  That’s right. You are what? It doesn’t matter, that part, stop and think about it, I AM.  Yes, I know, you said that.  Yes, and I will keep on saying it.  Er… could I say that about me? No. Why not? Because I’ve only given you a set number of years and then you’ll be something different. Right, I see, but you’ll never be different. That’s right, I AM. And there is clearly no one else like you. That’s right. You are unique. That’s right. You just ARE. That’s right, you’re beginning to get it. You’re very different from us. That’s right. In fact, different from everything else I know. That’s right. Wow, I sense I ought to be on my knees. That’s right.

Further Consideration: I suspect that the majority of us take for granted the word LORD in capital letters throughout the Old Testament and yet each time we ought to be reading ‘I AM’ meaning the supreme eternal one who is outside of time. So, as a random example, “The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” (Psa 6:9) becomes, ““The I AM, the Eternal One, has heard my cry for mercy; the I AM, the Eternal One, accepts my prayer.”

It is only when we read it like this, that His utter difference from us becomes clear. The Eternal One, the one outside of time nevertheless hears me here in time-space history. The Eternal One, the One outside of time, nevertheless acts into our time-space dimension.  He is not limited by time; He sees everything from beginning to end (including every detail of what is between) and so knows everything. Moreover, in fact He can drop into our time at any moment – but the truth is that although He is outside of time, He is here in time, all the time. Wrap your mind around that!

From the few visions of heaven we find in the Bible and the responses of the prophets who ‘saw’ Him, (at least in the vision) this Being who is so utterly unlike anything else we know, creates terror in the beholders, simply because He is so different (holy – perfect, unlimited, pure). It is to overcome that fear that when He communicates it is usually in the Old Testament through angelic beings, or simply an audible voice, and in the New Testament through His Son, Jesus Christ, or His unseen presence, the Holy Spirit.

The analogy is often given: if you want to communicate with ants, become an ant. if you want to communicate with tropical fish, become a tropical fish. God is a communicating God and so made mankind in time-space history, and then became a man, purely so that He could communicate His love to mankind. Amazing!

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