Snapshots: Day 52

Snapshots: Day 52

The Snapshot: “your brother Aaron will be your prophet.” (Ex 7:1) Lord I am just not up to this. Yes you are. But I can’t speak. That’s OK, others can. So I don’t have to speak for you? Oh you will eventually but in the meantime I’ve got someone to help you; you’re not alone. What do you mean ‘eventually’?  You will grow, you will change; don’t be put off by your limitations today. Work as part of my body and leave me to do the changing in you. Just make sure your heart is open to me, and the rest will follow.  So I can sit in the background until you’ve been able to change me? I didn’t say that. Step out and see what changes. Right…….

Further Consideration: There are perhaps four things we need to highlight here. First, I am just like Moses at this time: weak, frail, feeling inadequate and struggling to cope with the things that still lurk from the past. The answer is, therefore, that just like Moses, the Lord is not put off by this. What follows is His answer.

Second, if I am like Moses, I am going to change, and it won’t be by trying harder, it will simply be by being obedient to the bit-by-bit leading of the Lord. Circumstances will open up that I will step into, people will ask things of me, life will go on, and I will be changed and so the places where I am inadequate today will become fewer as He leads and teaches and equips me.

Third, of course I am not God and I am not the whole body of Christ. We seem to have lost much of this concept in the church today, it seems. We desperately need to reclaim the truths of the body of Christ.  I am but a part of this body and I am what I am because God has so gifted me. I am not a miracle worker; I am not an evangelist. I would like to be but that is not what God has gifted me to be.  Knowing who you are and knowing your own heart and the gifting God has put within you, enables us to step out in faith in our area, the area God puts before us, and have the confidence that He will use us in it. In the meantime, I will not stress that He uses you in some other sphere; indeed, I will rejoice in it.

Fourth, I think it needs saying that we need to beware the enthusiast who wants us to be like them. The people-person with an evangelistic heart is the very best at laying guilt on the quiet soul who is just such a lovely, gentle witness of a saint. I run schools of prophecy and although everyone that evening will ‘have a word’ from the Lord, in the following months only a few will use the gift regularly and some never again – but that is all right! They will have their own unique gifts. All us teachers can do is open a door and see who the Lord wants to draw through it and bless and use. Know your ‘door’ and  rest and rejoice in it.

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