Snapshots: Day 53

Snapshots: Day 53

The Snapshot: “the Egyptian magicians did the same things by their secret arts.” (Ex 7:22) Once upon a time the Lord’s wisdom came only through His church. Today that wisdom is seen on bookshop ‘self-help’ shelves. Once upon a time, healing came only through the church; now it comes as well through medicine, hospitals and doctors, all God’s provision. The Lord works to bless His world but there is one thing that the world cannot emulate – the real presence of God and a relationship with Him. We should have a greater wisdom, a greater power, a greater understanding, if we seek Him and that which the world has, as a copy, soon flounders, for without Him the Lord will not allow it to continue. Seek Him.

Further Consideration: We live in a world of immense knowledge and experience and I believe this fact undermines the confidence of many Christians who perhaps have never thought these things through. I addressed this when I wrote a series of meditation entitled, “Reaching into Redemption” in Part 7 “In Defense of the Faith” where I touched on the subjects of drowning in materialism, knowledge, unreality, and social media. The world is good at drowning us in these things.

I wonder what Moses felt like when he opened the way for God to perform the early judgments and the stupid magicians copied them and made the situation worse. God’s power was being challenged. So there is the challenge then and today, is God’s power big enough to out-power the enemy? Really even thinking like that suggests we have lost contact with the truth. Our God is the super designer-creator of everything we know. He knows about everything. His knowledge is unlimited and His power is unlimited.

I love the account found in Luke 5 of Peter’s boat being used by Jesus and then Peter being scared out of his wits as he realises that the one in his boat not only knows more about fishing that he does, but he also appears to have the power to conjure up a massive shoal of fish where there were none!

So yes, I believe God inspires inventions, technology and all the rest – and then leaves us the immense challenge to find the wisdom to use it properly! And in the meantime there is also the temptation to believe all our modern technology came by our own cleverness. Silly little human beings! Don’t be conned into thinking that because we have all this technology in our homes or cars or businesses, that it makes us clever. Jesus’ parable of the two house builders (Mt 7) still holds true. Ignoring him may mean we can get away with it for a while but watch for the storms of life that will challenge our foundations. Don’t be conned by the bright lights of imitation reality in today’s world.

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