Snapshots: Day 56

Snapshots: Day 56

The Snapshot: “Every firstborn son in Egypt will die.” (Ex 11:5) What a monster, the blind atheist cries, a God who kills children.  Just a minute, whose decision is this? Nine times previously God has said this will happen unless you release my people who you have made slaves. Nine times Pharaoh has chosen to let the plague run.  By now there can be no doubts. If God says it, it will happen. OK, let’s avoid it happening, let’s let them go. No! This is a judgment of the last resort. Nothing else will work and God’s plans for Israel, His chosen people, will be thwarted by this despot, a plan for revealing Himself to the world and creating an environment into which His Son can eventually come to bring salvation to the world. A tragedy, yes, but the real tragedy is that of pride.

Further Consideration: Living with a capricious, hostile God? Imagine what it could be like. A God who made all of Creation and mankind, to create toys to play with, to taunt, to injure and hurt, a spiteful Being whose emotions run amok and when they do He bursts forth and drops a plague or two to wipe out a few thousand or perhaps a few hundred thousand, a God who mocks our puny efforts and constantly demeans us and slaps us down.

Or try another scenario. A judge who gives us the free will we know and experience and then says justice decrees (as it does) that wrongdoing ought to be punished. (We may reject this concept of justice until we personally are harmed and then suddenly it becomes very real). But He is a very just God and so small sins are punished with sickness and big sins are punished with death and He looks with judicial satisfaction as the sentences are applied.

How staggeringly different is the picture of God revealed through the Bible: a God who gave us an amazingly diverse world to enjoy and the senses to enjoy it, who gave us free will so we could choose our path through life, a God who offered love and friendship and when it was rejected, continued to pursue us with His love, a God who saw our failings and the demands of justice and who made provision for justice to be satisfied by HisHis own eternal Son taking our punishment, a God who yearned for us to turn to Him to be able to receive all His goodness and live rather than let the consequences of sin wreak their havoc on our lives.

It is only the largely ignorant and spiteful atheist, working out his own personal angst, refusing to read further and seek out the truth that the Bible reveals in its entirety, who rants foolishly about the imaginary God of his own bitterness against life. Never let that be your path. Read, study, understand and receive the love being offered.

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