Snapshots: Day 60

Snapshots: Day 60

The Snapshot: “Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt.” (Ex 13:3) The Exodus from Egypt was amazing but subsequent history showed that Israel – in the midst of their daily trials – found it so easy to quickly forget the wonder of what the Lord had done. The Lord knows our propensity to forget – hence the Lord’s Supper – but it is something that permeates throughout our Christian lives, this ability to forget the wonder of what we have heard, what we have seen, what we have experienced, and so again and again we need to hear the word of God, on Sundays, on special days, on special weeks, all times to learn new things, yes, but also to remind ourselves, refresh our memories, of the wonders of the Gospel that the enemy would have us forget. Be there, be refreshed.

Further Consideration: I wonder how many of us have experienced those sunshine, glorious days of revelation and Presence at a conference, Bible Week or something similar, a time of those amazing awareness of the Lord’s presence and His goodness and blessing? And then we go back home and a week later it is like the sky falls on us and we are in thick, dank mist-like loneliness, where it has turned cold and dark with a feeling of isolation. It’s never happened to you? Be blessed. But it is a common experience even if it is not so stark as I have suggested, and in such times it is very difficult to remember and hold on to the things we experienced in that hallowed time with the many others, who were celebrating and worshiping the Lord together.

Now it is just you, and the battle is on. Where is the Lord now? Where are the words that stir faith from that anointed preacher? He is still here and they are still true and we need to commemorate them. Is commemorate the right word? Yes, remember that time, those words, celebrate them, recount them and declare again – it happened, they are true, nothing has changed except the outward appearances. Back then the enemy was afar off; now he seems to have come near, so what?

The call is to ‘stand’: “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then.” (Eph 6:13,14) And what is a good way to ‘stand’? To celebrate, worship, praise, give thanks, commemorate the good things, rejoice in them, and as we do all this we remember them, anchor them, use them, and rise up on them, as the Lord enables. The Holy Spirit loves the truth and as we declare it and celebrate it, He draws near and lifts us up, for we have just grabbed hold of and held up high, reality, and He also delights in reality. Let’s commemorate our deliverances!

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