Snapshots: Day 71

Snapshots: Day 71

The Snapshot: “Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said” (Ex 18:24) I find this amazing. Moses is the great leader, the follower of Jehovah, the one who experiences intimacy with God, and yet he listens to this older man. The misguided believe that instant Internet access makes us wise because we can find out anything, which means that few express the humility that is described here, in listening to the wisdom of the aged. The arrogance that comes with ‘instant knowledge’ bolsters pride and becomes a stumbling block to many so only the falls through the years will teach wisdom when the easier way had been rejected. How sad, how foolish. May we listen and learn from Moses and Jethro and short-cut the pain.

Further Consideration: This snapshot reveals a deception that is so wide and so prevalent today that it is not only seriously worrying but is tragic, the belief that “I am greater than my forebears because I know – I have all this information at my fingertips. I am wise.”

Deception!  Wisdom comes either as a special gift from God or with the experience of years, experience that has involved failure, patience, perseverance, endurance. These are the things that form wisdom.

And then of course, “The fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom.” A complete submission to God, a trust in His wisdom, His ways, His salvation, His word, His Holy Spirit. Again these are the things that go to form wisdom.

Wisdom also involves honour and respect for the aged, if for no other reason than they have been there, done it and survived. I come across aging church leaders who have endured and struggled and fought the battles of the years, some have large churches and large churches mean bigger problems, greater experience. These are men and women who have done things many of us don’t even dream about, they have been beaten and bruised, and these are people who deserve our respect and honour.

I remember one leader, now passed on I believe, who used to say when he was young he would find a senior leader and try and be with them to learn whatever they had learned. That was wisdom. He knew that such a person had so much of value that quick searches of the Internet cannot bring up. Experience of life.

But you won’t get it unless you learn to sit down and build a relationship with such a person and then just listen to them, question them about their life – we all have amazing stories to tell which convey truths about the walk with the Lord – and hear truths about successes and failures, things they have learnt the hard way, the way of walking this uneven path in this fallen world – with God!

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