Snapshots: Day 74

Snapshots: Day 74

The Snapshot: “I am the Lord your God.” (Ex 20:2) God introduces the Ten Commandments with this description of Himself. He continues, “who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.”  As we said previously, not just a title but the experiential reality. Yes, the title is right. Even if He had done nothing else, He was still their Lord, but He had actually demonstrated it. When He says to the Christian, “I am the Lord your God,” it is a statement of reality but He can also add, “because I have delivered you out of that old sin-driven, guilt-laden, self-destructive life of a slave to the enemy.” Because of that He now has the right to declare the way we are made or designed to live. Let’s heed His directions.

Further Consideration: In the previous study I recounted how, in my early days as a Christian, I began to learn that my New Testament was full of exhortations on how to live under the Lordship of Christ, ways to live the new life and receive all the goodness God had for me – and that came as I followed or obeyed those exhortations that I found there in His word.

As I look back now to these words from Exodus 20 I realize the same process is operating today in me as operated back then. Back then the Lord established His credibility with the people of Israel by reminding them what He had done for them by delivering them out of slavery in Egypt. He had, if you like, proved Himself. They could trust Him and rely upon Him because He had clearly shown that He was for them in the way He had delivered them out of Pharaoh’s hands and started them on the journey to the Promised Land. It was still early days but there was plenty to remember about what God had done.

But now, the same is true for us. When we read through the Gospels and we see what Jesus went through in dying for us, we start to catch something of the wonder of God’s love that could go through all of that – Jesus leaving the wonder and security of heaven to come and live as a human being down here, going through the rejection he experienced from the religious world, being betrayed, falsely tried, condemned and crucified and for a moment appearing to be utterly cut off from the experience of the love of his Father that he had known throughout eternity. This is love!

But then we come across all the instructions on how to live out this new life that we find in the New Testament, that we referred to in the previous study, and we realize all of these are founded on the same love that took the Son to the Cross, a love focused on us, looking all the time for our blessing.  That is what is behind all these instructions and so I would be foolish to ignore this incredible love in these

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