Snapshots: Day 89

Snapshots: Day 89

The Snapshot: “Take a census of the whole Israelite community.” (Num 1:2) Why long lists of people who mean nothing to you and me today? They say they are important to God. These are people who played their parts in history. It doesn’t matter if they achieved great things, or lesser things that weren’t even recorded. They are part of history. They are people who related to God – or not. They are people who at The End will stand before God and answer to Him for the part they played. They interacted with other people and helped make them what they were. Their footprints are all over history.  We are not just numbers or names to be forgotten; God never forgets us, and as His children we are integral significant players in His plans.  See and understand your significance.

Further Consideration: I think we often take our part in history for granted – if we ever even think about it! Who am I, we think? I’m of no significance? Well, actually it’s my wife who has thought this one through: “Have you ever thought,” she says, “that if we’d never met, fallen in love and got married, none of our three children would exist and none of our eight grandchildren would exist?” “Yes,” I reply, but there might have been other children from different partners,” I respond. “Yes, but there aren’t,” she says shutting the topic down!

But it may not be family, marriage, children, it may be the different people you met along the way and their lives are different because they met you. Have you ever seen those sci-fi time-travel films where the big point is made, whatever you do, if you go back, be careful what you do and don’t change history, otherwise we may not exist here now! There’s a conundrum!

Yes, there’s no point in saying, “But supposing we hadn’t met… supposing we hadn’t had children … supposing you didn’t give that bit of advice,” because we did, we had, we did, and history has rolled on.

For some of us this may be a touchy subject as we think, “Suppose I hadn’t met her, suppose I hadn’t sinned and got caught,” and a flood of negative emotions sweep over us. But yes, that is the truth, life on this fallen world is a total mix of good things (and I can look back and see a whole stream of good things that came about from odd little incidents) and bad (and I can look back on a variety of hurts I’ve suffered and failures I’ve been involved with), but here is the great wonder that I have learnt, that whatever it is in my life, because I love Him He is able to work in, through and around me to use me or redeem my messes, for as the Message version puts it, “we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” (Rom 8:28) Isn’t that amazing! There’s something to stop and be thankful for!

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