Snapshots: Day 93

Snapshots: Day 93

The Snapshot: “Moses and Aaron… fell face down and the glory of the Lord appeared to them.” (Num 20:6) Two amazing lessons here. The first must surely be that when you face opposition, go and tell Father about it. When Moses & Aaron did that, the Lord turned up in a big way. Awesome.  But there is another terrible lesson here because Moses went out – with God’s instructions – and lost his cool with the people and was not the example he should have been – and was stopped entering the Land as a result. Had the glorious experience in God’s presence made him feel special so he reacted badly? (see v.10) I don’t know but whatever great times we have with God, let’s always hang on to humility; we’re just His servants after all. He’s the One with the power.

Further Consideration: We have just observed two lessons from one action. It can often be like that with Scripture, we can learn more than one thing from a passage or verse, what is more they may be almost opposite lessons. Here the first lesson was about prayer and relying on the Lord, while the second one shows how we can then blow it and not rely on the Lord. I think this is a lesson we have observed more than once in this series of these snapshots of the scripture as we work our way through the Bible, picking up on key issues along the way.

It is a truth that, when we are insecure in God’s love, we are not willing to think about, that on day 1, I can be a real ‘saint’ and then within 24 hours, a day later, I can utterly blow it and reveal a real ‘sinner’.

And so this truth comes through scripture again and again, as we see it in Moses who starts with a good intention in Egypt but then blows it and has to flee, then be called to amazingly lead Israel out and so 99% of the time then he gets it right (as in our verse above) but still shows his sinful humanity propensity and steps over the line of acceptable behaviour.  He is still a human being in need of God’s salvation through Christ on the Cross.

But for the moment he is a shining example to us. The people do what ‘people’ are prone to do – grumble, complain and generally be objectionable, demanding answers, and so rather than try to appease them (as many leaders do) he falls down prostrate before the Lord, a sign of being in total submission to the Lord, utterly reliant upon Him. And then, as they do this, the glory of the Lord appears, God turns up in a big way, as He tends to do at times of big crisis when we turn to Him! But He doesn’t just turn up, He instructs Moses on what to do next. He is going to meet the need of the people, all it needs is Moses to be a willing, able, humble servant who will obey and do what he is told – while maintaining a right heart!

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