Snapshots: Day 107

Snapshots: Day 107

The Snapshot: “celebrate the Passover of the Lord your God.” (Deut 16:1) Jaded Christians in a jaded world can so easily lose sight of the wonder of the celebrations of the Faith. Passover is our Easter. How easy it is to demean the days (Good Friday and Easter Day), relegating them to times just to send a card (even if you go that far). Yet these days celebrate the heart of the Christian faith, Jesus coming and redeeming us. Time for major celebrations!  Then Christmas, a time where presents, food, drink, parties, cards, all go to drown the reality of the wonder of what happened, the Son of God coming to earth. Times of declaration and proclamation and then celebration. Clear the debris away and bring to light the wonder of the Gospel the world needs to hear.

Further Consideration:  Negative changes in how we think and how we express our faith, take place very slowly and because it is slow, we so often fail to realize what is happening. This, I believe, is true of so much of what is happening in the Christian world. There are pressures on believers, pressures that come from the world, and we simply don’t realize most of the time what is happening.

I am sure this is not true everywhere and in every local church, because diversity is our saving grace, but this call to Israel to celebrate the Passover is not some secondary almost mundane commandment to be lost among the many other commands in the Law. This call, brought by Moses to Israel on the Plains of Moab, says, when you get into the Promised Land, when you go through all the activity of war, ousting the inhabitants and then settling in your new country, establishing new homes, growing crops and so on, when you do all this, don’t get so taken up with it all that you forget to maintain the basics.

Remembering AND celebrating Passover was bringing a reminder, year after year, of the wonders of what God did for you, delivering you out of slavery in Egypt to give you a land of freedom of your own, to make you His special people in the world. It remembers God doing something for you that you on your own were incapable of doing. God did it for you and it was miraculous, so don’t forget that because if you do, you will stop remembering who you are, how special you are, and all that God has done for you.

Now how about us? Communion should do it in small measure but Christmas and Easter should do it in a much, much bigger way – remind us of the wonder of what God has done for us, sending Jesus to die for us, to release us from the slavery of the old sin-focused life and to make us ‘new creations’, sons, children of God, walking miracles. THAT is worth celebrating!


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