Snapshots: Day 123

Snapshots: Day 123

The Snapshot: “What do these stones mean?’ (Josh 4:6) We have said before that testimony is a powerful thing and testimony also acts as a reminder. In the years to come, anyone passing this place saw this pile of stones and was reminded of the miraculous entry into the Promised Land. When we take Communion we are being reminded of the wonderful salvation Christ has brought us. When we tell our stories we tell of the works of God in and through us and these testimonies are reminders and declarations of what the Lord has done. The Bible is full of such reminders, such declarations and testimony should be a regular expression of our lips that remind us of what we have to be thankful and tell others of what is possible.

Further Consideration:  Isaiah cried out, “to the Law and the testimony” (Isa 8:20 NKJV) Those were to be the two pillars of the belief system of the nation of Israel. Some modern versions water this down but it is a very powerful call by the prophet. ‘The testimony’ is the testimony or record of God and the Bible is full of it, so full, I would suggest, that it is impossible to write it off. Anyone who takes the time to read it all and then think about it cannot just shrug it off and say the forty or so authors of the 66 ‘books’ of the Bible were all confused. Imagine for a moment if 20% of the Bible was inaccurate or simply made up – fiction (it’s not!). That still leaves the other 80% which is uniform in its testimony about God and His activities.

When Israel took these large stones out of the dried up Jordan and made this monument, they were simply doing something that had been and yet would still be done many times – testifying to the work of God. These stones said, ‘this is where God enabled the nation to pass through the river to enter the land – miraculously’. (Josh 3:14-17).

When you and I give ‘a testimony’ we don’t want to major so much on the past, but more the miracle of transformation that has taken place in our lives – by God! When the Lord saves drug addicts and they come off drugs immediately without negative effects, that is a miracle, and many can testify to similar experiences to that. Many more can testify to similar transformations of all different kinds, but each of these transformations are because God has moved in us, we are a testimony to His presence, we aren’t just some sort of psychological happening, something that occurred because life pressed down on us, we are what we are because of the specific working of God in us. At the time, in the day to day living of life we aren’t aware of this most of the time. Yes, there will be some times when we make specific commitments to His will, but most of the time in life, I am sure, the changes that take place, take place slowly and quietly – because of Him. That is testimony.

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