6. Submissive Praying

Short Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer: 6. Submissive Praying

Mt 6:10a,b  your kingdom come, your will be done

We have already spoken of God’s will in the context of the coming of the kingdom but these four little words are what separates the world: “Your will be done.”  When we first turn to Christ, we look over our shoulders at a past that has been dominated by ‘self’, a life lived on the basis of what I wanted. It was all ‘me’. But then, as He shone his light on me, I realized more and more how much that life of ‘me’ had been a mess, at the very least how much it had fallen short of what could have been. It was a life to be left behind, a new life when we turned to Him and bowed before Him and submitted to Him.

We talk about Jesus being both Savior and Lord. The Savior aspect is about him rescuing me, the Lord aspect is about him leading me from now on. Every now and then (perhaps most of the time initially) we hold on to the idea that we still know how to run our lives, or bits of it anyway, perhaps large parts of it. We do our own thing without reference to him, and so often it doesn’t work out too well, and we end up crying to him to forgive us and come and help us. (Sometimes even that cry takes a long time to come!) Learning that he really and truly does know best about my life and what it means to call him Lord, takes a long time, years and years, if not decades and decades, and perhaps the truth is that we will still be learning it on our deathbeds.

We can come to crisis moments, perhaps times of high emotion at the end of a sermon, times of rededication, times of recommitment, this is all the language of the Christian world, but all such times just go to emphasize that we are indeed just like sheep (Psa 23) who stray, who wander away, who forget that that safest place is close to the shepherd, the place of provision is close to the shepherd, the way to go in behind the shepherd. Yes, such times do all that while at the same time reinforcing the understanding that our Lord is one of immense grace and mercy, tolerance and understanding, as he keeps on with us, time and time again having to reach out with the crook (his word) to draw us back to himself away from danger.

When we pray, “your will be done,” we are not only making a declaration of intent but we are declaring afresh the heart of this discipling business, this Christian life stuff. It is a reminder that his will is our goal that we have to take hold of today, put our heart and lives into, rejecting the subtle whispers from the enemy, “Did he really say..”   Not the world’s way, not their perception of what is right and proper, not my bright ideas of how I might make it through, but a recognition that HIS will is the right way, that it always has been and always will be and I must do all I can to submit to it.

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