Snapshots: Day 156

Snapshots: Day 156

The Snapshot:As it turned out, she was working in a field belonging to Boaz” (Ruth 2:3) Ruth goes out and randomly chooses the first field she comes across. It just happens to belong to a relative!!!There is this strange thing that unwise unbelievers struggle with and wise believers come to learn, that when you are under the watchful eye of God, ‘coincidences’ start popping up all over the place and although we cannot explain how He does it, somehow the mysterious hand of God seems to behind it. Had the Spirit whispered into her mind, “Hey this looks a good field,” and she just went with it? Let’s not worry about how He does it, but let’s remember the Lord promises to be there working for our good (Rom 8:28). Let’s live with that joy.

Further Consideration: “As it turned out.” Oh my goodness, how simple those words are but they cover up the world of ‘coincidences’ which, when you are a Christian, perhaps turns out not to be ‘luck’ or ‘chance’ but something far more meaningful, either simply foreseen by God or even maneuvered by God.

Was it just ‘chance’ that there was a Samaritan woman of dubious background who came to a well outside town at midday shortly after Jesus had arrived and opened up the Samaritan population to him? (Jn 4:6,7) Was it chance that Rachel turned up just when Jacob had arrived and was inquiring about her family of the shepherds at a well? (Gen 29:6) Was it ‘chance’ that Rebekah turned up at the well where Abraham’s servant was praying about a wife for his master’s son? (Gen 24:12,15) Interesting, three ‘well experiences’ where people gather.

Were they ‘coincidences’ the things that happened to Saul that Samuel had predicted? (1 Sam 10) Clearly some of these things are the foreknowledge of God, God who knows what is going to happen before it does happen, but when these things turn out to be pivotal in bringing about a chain of highly significant outworkings, you realize it is far more than just ‘foreknowledge’. Somehow there is within it somehow the working of God.

My own belief – although we are not told this – is that so often God sees the possibilities and simply whispers into the mind of individuals, “It would be good to go there,” or something similar, and as they respond to His prompting (without realizing it) the chain of events that lead to blessing starts getting rolled out, as I suggested in the Snapshot. When I look back over the years of my life, even though I was rarely aware of it at the time, there are too many ‘coincidences’ for it to just be ‘luck’ or ‘chance’, ‘coincidences’ that opened up a chain of events that meant blessing. This is it; we can’t take pride in any of these things because so often we’re not aware of being led, but it was God!

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