Snapshots: Day 194

Snapshots: Day 194

The Snapshot: The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.” (1 Sam 10:6) The grace of God appears in a variety of ways. The people have rejected the Lord, they have chosen a king instead of God but the Lord goes along with them – they will learn. When Saul is chosen (by both God and the people) the Lord does all He can to bless and encourage Saul. It is a lost cause but no one can say the Lord wasn’t there to steer Saul in the right direction. It was just a shame his heart wasn’t up to the job. But despite this – and the Lord must have known this – the Lord blesses him and he becomes a charismatic. Unfortunately that’s not enough. It needs a heart person to be godly king (see 1 Sam 13:4).

Further Consideration: Two very clear lessons here: the goodness of God and the inadequacy of man. Looking first at the big picture of the Bible we see fallen mankind and a God who is described as love and goodness, and who is perfect (in everything He thinks, says and does) who does all He can in respect of mankind, working within the restrictions of having given mankind free will (that we saw in the previous study), to bless mankind and draw them to Himself.

He gives them a beautiful Garden which they reject, He reaches out to various individuals, He draws one into relationship and through him creates a nation through which He can reveal Himself to the rest of mankind. When, time after time, they mess us, He sends His Son to die as a sacrifice for Sin, and to all who received him He gives His Holy Spirit. It is all there in the bible for anyone who has a heart to go looking for it. It is only the spiritually blind who cannot see His goodness in all this, especially when you balance the other lesson.

To call man inadequate is an understatement. If Adam had been up to the task of being a perfect human being he would have never let Eve sin or followed her in that sin. Abram wouldn’t have stumbled around in his newfound faith, and so on.  In fact no human being – without God’s help – is up to the task of being a sinless human being. So why did God make us with free will which we could exercise to mess up? Because it was the only way to create a sentient being that could love Him and enter into a relationship with Him. In the previous study I suggested there are two nerve-wracking realities in life. I will add a third one: despite all of God’s love reaching out to us – as demonstrated in Saul – a large percentage of the human race will reject Him and do their own thing and bring destruction upon themselves, and it is their own fault. We can never blame God for our failures. He doesn’t give us that option. He loves and loves, and still some reject Him. How terrible.

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