Snapshots: Day 197

 Snapshots: Day 197

The Snapshot: The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart.” (1 Sam 13:14) We said in an earlier ‘Snapshot’ that it needs a ‘heart-man’ to lead, a man after God’s own heart, who is moved by God’s heart, jealous for God’s heart, stirred and energized by God’s heart. Saul didn’t have it and was removed by God. David did have it and was called by God to take over. All spiritual leaders, at whatever level or of whatever nature in ‘the Church’ are called to be ‘heart-men’ or ‘heart-women’, not running on intellect, not on cleverness, but moved and energized by the heart of God, and that calls for spending time in His presence, lots of it. When we do that it will be seen by those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. They will be fed and led. Pray for it throughout the whole Church.

Further Consideration: Now what does it actually mean that God wants a “man after his own heart”?  It is interesting looking up the paraphrases for they each seem to completely miss the point talking about obedience. But obedience is only a small part of this. When we look at David’s life we can catch something of this. When we observe him coming against Goliath we see a man who is incensed that God’s name is being demeaned by this Philistine. A heart man starts out with a deep sense of wanting to honour God’s name and when they pray, I suggest, “for you name’s sake” they truly mean it. The name and honour of the Lord is all important.

But then we see David having opportunity of killing Saul – twice – but twice he refuses. Again it is partly to do with the name of the Lord. Saul is anointed by God and as such cannot be touched. A heart man respects everything and everyone who God has chosen. We see this again (and we’ll see it in a later study) when Saul is killed and David grieves over him. A heart man does not rejoice when sinners fall; they grieve at the loss of what could have been. God is “not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance,” (2 Pet 3:9) God seeks for the redemption of every person and when they refuse to heed His call, I believe He grieves over them. Now when we look around the congregation and we measure or assess people, I am sure looking at the way some churches are run, people are assessed by their standing in the community. I remember a Baptist  church I was part of as a young Christian and when the twelve deacons trouped out of the vestry at the beginning of the service followed by the minister, a more respectable bunch of businessmen or bankers you couldn’t hope to find – but ‘hearts after God’? I think that was something else. How about the spiritual leaders in our churches? Well qualified from college, but heart men? Are they men whose hearts are knit with God, who yearn after God, who feel with God….? Pray for them.  

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