4. Impacting Lives?

Short Meds in the Goodness of Life: 4. Impacting Lives?

Esther 4:14 who knows but that you have come to your …position for such a time as this?”

We are pondering on appreciating life and for the moment, more specifically, the significance of our lives, the fact that we are sentient beings alert to the world around us and interacting with it, maybe even changing the world, perhaps even changing history. Rather than seeing ourselves as a nobody, we are in fact to see ourselves as children of God with a Father who has plans and purposes that He is working out for this world. He has entrusted these plans to His Son, Jesus, who sits at His right hand presiding over the kingdom or rule on earth that he is initiating, seeking to draw fallen mankind back to Himself. We are a part of all of that.

When Esther found herself, a simple Jewish girl, caught up in the whims and fancies of a powerful king, she perhaps never thought she could be his queen but that is what happened (see Esther 2). But then a powerful man next to the king plans to kill all the Jews, without realising that the queen was a Jew. But this king is an all-powerful despot  who doesn’t take kindly to people barging into his presence, even the queen, and so getting his ear to petition for her people is a difficult and dangerous task. He got rid of the previous queen in a bout of anger; the same could happen here. Perhaps for that reason she hesitated to do anything about her people and it was only at the prompting of her cousin, Mordecai, that she thought more of the situation. Basically he said, “Perhaps you become queen for just this time to save your people.”

Feeling inadequate, wondering what life is all about, wondering what your part is in the plans and purposes of God? Wonder no longer; just realise as a child of God you are His representative, part of Christ’s body, unique in calling, unique in placement and unique in opportunity. You have family connections, friendship connections that are different from mine. I can’t reach them or bless them, but you can, they are your contact group and you are God’s unique gift to them, His means of bringing His love and blessing to them. In a time of pandemic upheaval, they desperately need you; you are part of their lives, perhaps, for such a time as this. I need to pray: “Lord, please open my eyes to see my life circumstances, help me to see who you want to bless through me. Grant me your grace and your faith to be able to reach out to bring your blessing to them, for I realize this is a unique time, unlike anything I’ve known before. Help me to take the opportunities you place before me, even today. Amen.”  

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