6. Awareness (2)

Short Meds in the Goodness of Life: 6. Awareness (2)

Gen 28:16  When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.’

We are considering what it means to be a sentient being but we need to take it a step further on because as human beings we appear to have an element that animals don’t have, the awareness of God that leads to worship. This is such a big thing that all of our Christian experience hinges on this. The Bible seems to indicate that each person has a spirit but when we turn to the Lord and His Holy Spirit comes to indwell us, He brings alive our spirit so we have this two-way communication link with the Lord. The trouble is most of us are either unaware of this or we doubt what we sense within us as coming from the Lord. Rather than trying to explain this in detail I would give a simple testimony that the sceptical will say was coincidence but, hey, that’s their loss.  

Recently on my birthday, my wife and I were praying together and I happened to be praying with my eyes open, focusing on a small windowpane that revealed the perfect blue sky outside. I was just thanking the Lord for all His wonderful provision for us when suddenly and unexpectedly, across this small window I saw what we think must have been a buzzard with massive wings just soaring across that little area of vision and there it was, God’s reply to my praying, His birthday gift to me, a reminder that “those who hope in the Lord… will soar on wings like eagles.” (Isa 40:31) Half an hour later an old friend Face-booked me that verse in greeting. Coincidence? It was an amazing sight and my heart soared as well.

God-awareness? Interestingly, a little while before, my wife had commented, “You know, I believe, one thing Christians need to be doing in these pandemic days, is looking for the Lord, looking for the signs of His presence, His speaking in the midst of all that is going on.”

You don’t have to be prophetic, you simply need to have childlike, naïve faith, to be aware of God, hear God, be blessed by God, and have your life changed by God. That morning my heart was released in a wave of worship with a birthday gift from God. Jacob was a twister on a literal and spiritual journey and God turned up in his dreams. Still in twister-mode he acknowledged it must be God. The Lord doesn’t wait until we’ve got it all sorted before He reaches out to us: because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions.” (Eph 2:4,5) But now we’re born again, His children, how much more will His love be poured out to us, in simple ways, complex and profound ways – wonderful ways. “Thank you Lord so much. Amen” 

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