14. Turmoil

Short Meds in Getting Ready in Covid-Advent: 14. Turmoil

Lk 1:23 he returned home….. Elizabeth became pregnant”

We pondered, in the previous study, the effects of Zechariah being struck dumb and what might have occurred if he hadn’t been. We said if it hadn’t happened he could have gone home and ignored the message. Result? No John the Baptist. But he is now dumb. It is a different day. 

The glorious adventure of serving in the temple has come to an end and now the dumb Zechariah has to return home. Can you imagine being Elizabeth? We mustn’t suppose too much but surprise must have been her first response (unless the news had got back to her already). yes, what might she have said, what might she have thought?

Why can’t you speak? What happened? He can clearly write (Lk 1:63) so I would guess that his best means of communicating would be to write out for her what had happened back there in the temple while he was burning the incense.

And then he comes to, “And we’ve got to try for a baby.”  WHAT!!!!!! So her underlines the bit that says something like, “He said to me, “Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.” In fact he underlines it three times and even circles the words, “He said”.

Here is this dear elderly, righteous and obedient-to-the-Law lady, who has been looking forward to her husband returning home after his period of service, and hearing about what he had done – which previously hadn’t included anything of great merit. But now, when he walks through the door and she greets him, she gets nothing back. He is silent. He searches for something to write on (not so easy perhaps as in our homes) and scratches out the basics. She is flabbergasted. Perhaps, to drum the point home he adds, “And we’ve got to try for a baby!”  Well they do and she does, miracle of miracles, conceive. You think this year has been a year of upheaval for us? Whatever else, this conception reveals a godly couple as well as a miracle working God. Their lives are just about to go through an incredible upheaval. Discomfort for Elizabeth, worry for them both, and a somewhat anxious anticipation. The only ameliorating factor is that God has clearly spoken and so hopefully He will be watching over them and helping them through this experience – but it is still an upheaval and like the days we have been going through, the key word is uncertainty. How do you overcome that if you are a godly person? Trust God’s word. Does our obedience reveal our godliness?   

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