2. Thinking

Short Meds in ‘Living the Life’: 2. Thinking

Isa 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.”

Is it presumptuous to suggest we can think like God? I mean, after all we have the Bible and surely the point of the Bible is that we learn how God thinks, what He thinks, how He acts and why He acts, and so, surely, these all suggest that God wants us to get to think like He does?

But here is the problem: the God we know and worship is staggeringly different from us – in might, in power, in knowledge, in wisdom and so much more. We see the world from a tiny viewpoint, from a self-centred and often godless viewpoint (sorry, that just means we don’t think about Him much of the time), we understand so little – about Him, about ourselves and about others.

Our ways of thinking are so different from His, and we’re going to examine that difference in the days ahead. They are probably things we’ve heard before, things we’ve read, and yet so often we allow ourselves to think tiny thoughts, selfish thoughts, misguided thoughts confused thoughts, thoughts that aren’t like His thoughts. Yes, His thoughts are not tiny, not selfish, not misguided, not confused. God has total clarity, total understanding, total knowledge, and His concerns, amazingly, are turned towards us. Yes, His thinking is so unlike ours.

Let’s start the year by asking the Lord to remove the debris of the past out of our thinking and be able to ‘see’ more clearly. Let’s begin by thinking about the misconceptions we have when we first turned to Christ. Prior to that we might have thought, “God isn’t interested in me,” and thus carried on our lives in blissful (or whatever is the opposite of blissful) ignorance because all the while He was watching us, with a heart full of love for us, patiently waiting for the right moment when the Holy Spirit would be able to speak into us and convict us of our need of Him.

Or there is that other delightful thought that my dear mother used to say before she turned to Him: “Oh God must be far too busy with all He has to do to worry about me.” And then she dared pray and He healed her of her smoking habit and her lifelong bronchitis. Wonderful! But in so many ways before we turned to Him our thinking was wrong, was different from His.

But then we turned to Christ and we thought it had all happened in the very moment we were born again. Yes, we had been redeemed, a work done. Well not exactly, we took a while to realize that, yes, redemption is a one-off work but also a life-long work. We are all of us ‘works in progress.’ And then one day we blew it and said sorry but still felt guilty and so embarked on a course of action designed to appease God and get Him back on our side, without realizing that once we said sorry, that was it, end of story as far as that fault was concerned. He was more concerned to help us not repeat it.  So many ways where our thinking has to be brought in line with His, so many ways where we need to submit our minds to His, for He thinks differently to us.   

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