12. Transformations

Short Meds in ‘Living the Life’: 12. Transformations

Ex 4:2 “what is that in your hand?”

God chooses people to work with Him. It’s His earth, it’s our earth and He delights in involving us in His plans, in fact His plans for the earth are all about us. The first clue came for Moses when he saw a burning bush that wasn’t burning. The second clue came when a voice spoke to him out of that bush. The third clue came when the Lord told him He had seen His people and had come down to save them but NOW, “I am sending you.” (Ex 3:10) A somewhat prolonged conversation ensues in which Moses protests that God must have the wrong man while God explains the mission will be successful because of the things He will do.  Moses will merely be the mouthpiece for this venture, God will be the one who does the main stuff.

So as the discussion draws to a close the Lord decides to up the temperature with some miracles and simply starts by asking Moses what it is he has in his hand.

It’s just a staff, my walking stick, my support, the thing I use to steer the sheep, my work implement, if you like, just something very ordinary. You mean like a few loaves and fish, or jars of water, or a small pot of oil (1 Kings 17:12)?

It seems the Lord delights in taking the ordinary, the stuff we have at hand each day, and transforming it, but in each case we have to do something with them – throw it down, break them to give them to others, pour them out, pour it out – and as we do so he transforms it. We don’t do the transforming, He does. We just do the letting go. What have you got? A pen, a kitchen, a bank account, a listening ear, an encouraging voice? How might the world be different in a year’s time because we let him transform them. OK, let’s tap the nail in your coffin of self-endeavor that needs burying. How much did you prevent you from getting Covid-19 in 2020? You stayed out of harm’s way and performed the washing, masking, social distancing, great. So you did have a part to play. But how much of your actions actually killed off the virus across the land, how much of your activity actually brought an end to the Pandemic? Only as much as others instructed you to do. The rest you left to providence. Yes, self-endeavor does play a part in our lives. Moses had to do things in the course of delivering Israel. So what do our nations need most? Revival, God coming in sovereign power to deliver us. Notice the word sovereign. We can pray, we can fast, we can witness, we can proclaim, but until He turns up nothing is going to happen. What’s that in your hand? Give it to Him, submit it to Him for Him to sovereignly transform. He has the power, not you and me.

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