25. Facing Impossibilities

Short Meds in ‘Living the Life’: 25. Facing Impossibilities

Mt 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  

This month we have been considering some of the basics of who and what God wants us to understand as we seek to live for Him. In this last week we return to remember again the very nature of this life – it is impossible without God.

Because it is impossible, we often forget these realities and stumble in our faith, but He is there constantly encouraging us and reminding us that this life is Him in us, Him through us, Him for us. It’s not good behaviour that makes us what we are, it is Him in us, Him energizing us, Him doing in and through us what is so often otherwise impossible.

Let’s let this truth sink in. We will consider some impossibilities in the days to come but for the moment let’s just consider how the ‘impossible’ became possible in our own lives. This is going to be more easy to understand if we came to the Lord post-teenage years. If we came to him before that we perhaps never realised what an ‘impossible case’ we were.

I came to the Lord in my early twenties. I had settled into life as a professional person with qualifications with an exceptionally good job (which was more by accident [all right, divine providence] than by my planning) and starting to feel more secure in life. No, I wasn’t a thief or a drug addicts or alcoholic (although some of the early signs were there) or anything else that put me in the category of ‘hardened sinner’. In other words I was pretty ordinary, what the majority are like. But I had heard the gospel through a friend at work, I had even attended a Billy Graham Crusade in London and left intrigued but otherwise unmoved. I was set in my thinking. Humanly speaking, all the contributing factors in my life suggested this is how I would stay – and isn’t that how it is for so many pre-believers, not-yet-believers, people who appear set in their course through, naturally speaking ‘impossibilities’, doomed to remain like that throughout life.

My mother was another set-in-her-ways elderly person, an absolute impossibility. My father was an even harder case who, in later years when I was a Christian had the temerity to say, “You are of the devil!” I think heaven laughed over that one! So three clear impossibilities, but what happened? To keep it short, at different times we all came to the Lord and were transformed. No such thing as an impossibility with God. Don’t let’s be confused here, we are not talking about a mere change in attitude; that is not impossible. We are talking about utter transformations. Perhaps the greatest example of this was the zealous Christian-hunter, Saul of Tarsus, who had everything going for him, utterly set in his ways and determined to exterminate this new cult. We’ll examine his thinking more soon, but for now marvel afresh at the transformation in the apostle, Paul, renowned evangelist. Total transformation. This is what God does. Can we lift our faith as we look into the coming days, and realize we may have looked around us and felt life was locked in and change was impossible, and then see that with God that is not so? Who knows what He has on His heart. Be open, be praying, be watching.

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