26. Laying down ‘Possible’

Short Meds in ‘Living the Life’: 26. Laying down ‘Possible’

Mt 26:39 “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

Submitting the ‘possible’ to His will is vital. Yes, Jesus could have fled from Jerusalem and the impending cross; that was quite possible for he had free will. Lots of things are possible but “not everything is beneficial, not everything is constructive.” (1 Cor 10:23) Why? Because God doesn’t work on just what is possible, but what fits the Plan, His will that decrees goodness that sometimes comes through tough ways, paths that involve self-discipline and submitting to the “good, pleasing and perfect will” of God. (Rom 12:2) And when that happens? Life always flows!

But can we see this in a bigger context now. Let’s start from my reference to ‘the Plan’ that was originated within the Godhead before the foundation of the world. Can we dare to go behind the scenes, so to speak, and think what the Godhead must have thought.

First we will create a world into which we can release our love, a planet fit for sentient beings who can be sensitive to us, who will be blessed by our love for them.

Second, let’s make them in our image so that they will have certain characteristics that we have, limited certainly but nevertheless reflecting something of us so that they can think and feel in the same ways we think and feel, but in the limited sphere of their earth. To be like us they must have free will like us, free to exercise their wills, free to love and receive our love.

Third, because they are not us and are distinct from us, created beings, they will only be able to have limited vision and will therefore make choices that are less than perfect. We see they will certainly make wrong choices and so part of our goal must be to win them back to lives of right choices, lives of love, but we recognise that first they must be allowed to walk that wrong path.

Fourth, that will bring a conflict with the concept of justice and so as much as they will demand it in respect of others, there will be a question of their own guilt to be dealt with. We must provide a way for that guilt to be dealt with and it can only be as justice is seen to be done, and that means one of us paying for their guilt. This will necessitate us stepping into their world, participating in it, and then taking all the punishment that justice demands will be due to them, for only one of us is big enough to cover all that justice demands. It will require us allowing them to ‘punish’ that one, although they will never realise the enormity of what we are doing.

Finally, we must give them space to exercise this free will and we must refrain from constantly imposing our will on theirs. The awful cost is that we must hold back and let them have their way, harming themselves, others, and the world we give them. We could make them automatons but that would deny free will, deny the reality of giving and receiving love. It would be possible to do that but that would never achieve the wonders of what we hope to achieve – beings who gladly receive our love and live lives of good and right choices. Not everything that is possible expresses love and love is the currency that the Lord uses.  

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