2. I am what I am

Grace Short Meditations: 2. I am what I am

1 Cor 15:10 “by the grace of God I am what I am”  

Yesterday we leapt into the sea of understanding grace with the dramatic claim that everything that is good that we have, comes as a free gift from God. We need to examine that a bit more before we go any further. We may need to tread some of the same ground we covered yesterday because so often we take it for granted..

When we were born, there we were helpless and reliant upon parents. Bit by bit this body grew and developed with a mind that learned with the experience of daily life. Paul was using a more limited view of this when he wrote our starter verse, meaning the ministry he had was what God had put into him, but the truth is that in its biggest sense, grace is EVERYTHING we have received to make us what we are today which is incredible.

Of course it is more complicated than that because much of what we are is because of decisions we have made, things others have said or done and the general upheavals of life in a fallen world, but behind all that is the Providence of God, the hidden hand of God working behind the scenes bringing good to us – most of which we never asked for!  That is grace, the free giving of God. As you move on in years you tend to look back more, to appreciate where you have come from. I have done this various times and what I sense as I look back on my life comes in two forms. The first is that my life was carried along by the circumstances surrounding it. First, there were my parents, then there was my schooling.

Second, there are specific ‘interventions’. At school there was a headmaster who asked me what I wanted to do as a career.  ‘By chance’ he happened to ask this question within the week that followed my birthday and someone had given me a book of careers that I had quickly browsed. I grabbed at the first one that came to mind, to give him an answer, and then forgot about it. But he didn’t. A few weeks later he called me into his study and said, “If you’re going to become a …… we’d better get you into college hadn’t we.” He wasn’t the sort of man you said no to!

That started off a process that brought a string of events that ran right through my life with links all over the place that came from outside me. Opportunities to serve God in leading a children’s mission for seven years, opportunities to travel abroad teaching in the Church, and so much more, came from outside me. My life is a gift of grace. I am in absolutely no doubt about it. I am a receiver, a receiver of God’s goodness, of God’s grace. Why not take some time to be quiet before the Lord and ask Him to reveal to you some of the ways He has been on your case over the years – and then worship.   

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