22. Sufficient Grace

Grace Short Meditations: 22. Sufficient Grace 

Rom 5:20  “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” 

The disciples looked at the large crowd and listened to Jesus words about buying food to feed them Philip reckoned it would take half a year’s pay to even get near buying enough. No hope of that. Andrew had a small boy in tow with five small loaves and two small fishes, but they won’t go anywhere to feeding but one or two. No hope there. Resources get assessed against the need.

But then in the court of heaven Satan lines up us sinners. This one should die for their self-centred godlessness. Some people say this one is a nice person but they still deserve to die. Sentence paid, set her free!  Well, what about this reprobate, this degenerate, they most definitely should be executed, good for nothing that he is! Sentence paid, set him free. 

Is God’s grace sufficient to overcome all my foibles, my failings, my weaknesses, my daily struggles and strivings and bumbling around as a faith amateur? Consider the principle of our verse today.  Here is a child who turns to Christ. No mega-sins to overcome at six say. Except wilful self-centred godlessness. But grace will change that. Or here’s someone different: a wayward pregnant teenager on drugs. Can grace transform her? Most definitely. Here’s another one. A wife beating, child abusing, authority rejecting criminal with no respect for anyone. Is God’s grace big enough to transform him? Most definitely. Imagine a spectrum of people. Put yourself somewhere on it. Grace is sufficient for each and every person regardless. Us!

Try this as a different picture. You are holding a garden party and a big crowd attends (in the days before Pandemic lock-downs!). You have made a special punch drink that you have in a barrel. On the table you have put of rows of glasses for guests to help themselves. Some glasses are small, others medium-sized, others large. You want your guests to choose their own. The guest arrive and people start helping themselves to the punch. Big glasses, little ones, medium one, and the table of glasses starts to empty. Your partner watches the imbibing guests (fortunately the drink is not strong) and comments about whether there will be enough, but you have prayed over it and the barrel keeps flowing, little glasses filled, medium glasses filled and, yes, still the big glasses are being filled. Whatever the size of glass the supply seems sufficient. It’s a miracle! But isn’t that exactly what God does with us and grace. It doesn’t matter the size of the need, His resources are adequate to meet the need. No ‘guest’ in the kingdom is going to run dry, no one will go thirsty, all will be resourced, all will be satisfied. Hallelujah!   

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